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  1. As we all know gas is going to reach a summer high! I'm looking for someone that will share expenses! I have a Toyota 4Runner and have been hunting for 13 years. Please, Pm me if you want to hook up! Yes, I do find meteorites!
  2. The few times that I ran into him he taught a lot and was very willing to give up information about hunting. I have a friend in Fla. that has taught me a lot about hunting the beaches for treasure you can look him up and see some of his videos just in case you every what to hunt for treasure from the 1715 ship wrecks. You can find him on YouTube his name is Terry Shannon!
  3. come on does that look like it just landed on earth? I don't know about some of you guys I think I will stick with the guys that go out and find meteorites in the fields without buying them!
  4. Rocky in what state did you find whatever it is, going off a photo is hard to do? I hope that it turns out to be what you think it is!
  5. Nice little find Sonny, that will go well with all of your meteorites!
  6. There are a lot of good books on meteorites and you can find a lot of photos on the online. But with that said one of the best ways you will ever find for finding out if you did find a meteorite is by doing some of the things that will help you identify your rock as a meteorite. http://www.meteoritemarket.com/metid1.htm
  7. Thanks, Dave, maybe the next time I'm out in the field I will bump into you again. I need to find some more of that meteorite that I found the last time I saw you guys!

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