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  1. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    @ivanivan, I have someone on Craigslist asking me about this unit too. Do you think you are going to buy it or should I give this guy a chance. thanks
  2. theace115

    Pinpointer - $75 Shipped

  3. Awesome Pics!! Thank you! I might be able to make it to the spring outing! very excited!
  4. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    I will not ship out of the USA. Paypal me $514 dollars, and i will package the detector and get it shipped out. Thank you @ivanivan
  5. Hey, Just to keep things clean and orderly, please post your pics below! I want to see the gold that was found, and pictures that you find interesting. I was unable to make it :-( If you found some gold nuggets, please PM with a map and cordinates if you'd be so kind. :-P (jk) Let the pics fly! :-)
  6. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    It is the new coil. Never had any falsing on it at all. This 6" coil is super sensitive! It pics up realy small gold.
  7. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

  8. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Yes, i will post pics tonight
  9. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    39 dollars , Shipping and Handling, that includes the box too. Please Paypal me $514 (475 + 39 )dollars to theace115@gmail.com once that clears i will ship it to you and get your tracking. Thank you
  10. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Please PM me your Seattle Address @ivanivan, and I will get you a quote.
  11. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    @Desertpilot, what? "W"? @ivanivan, I will ship to Seattle, but would prefer not to ship out of country, I would guess the shipping to be less than 50 dollars, but i do not know yet.
  12. theace115

    Pinpointer - $75 Shipped

    I will not be going to the outing. I have a conflicting event going on. @Wyoprospector Let me know what you want to do :-) Thank you.
  13. theace115

    High garde silver!

    Looks like that can be a Meteorite @adam LOL!! :-P
  14. theace115

    Before & After

    This is actually very interesting. Thanks for that!
  15. theace115

    Mineshaft Rescue

    Besides the falling down... those two guys basically did everything right. Had a "buddy system" in place. They knew where the other person was going to be. To make it better is that he actually followed through with it when he knew something wasnt right. Glad John is going to be ok. Terry would be a great prospecting bussy to have!