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  1. theace115

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Awesome Job Guys!! nice gold!
  2. theace115

    Challenging Day

    Very Nice!!! good job!
  3. theace115

    Sunday morning hunt

    Anyone can find a big nugget, it takes a specialist to find small gold!!
  4. theace115

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboard and enjoy the flight!
  5. theace115

    New Tucson member

    Thank you very much andyy, youve already been a good help. I appreciate it!
  6. theace115


    What machine are you swinging?
  7. theace115

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    Thank you for the help!! Can you please PM me when you have a second please @Andyy
  8. theace115

    Made it in the magazine!!

    Thats a good point. I wont remember that I used to be able to remember things?
  9. theace115

    100 year old artifacts?

    So, With all the information that was flowing... TO summarize, if I'm reading this correctly... Dont dig up bodies or anything that has significant historical value on BLM land. (for the most part, any mining relics are basically excluded from the antiquities act and you will not really be touched by the law, because it doesn't really have historical value, and tough to prove that they will be over 100 years old...) In AZ... common knowledge... State Land is off limits period.... (very similer to BLM, Dont be a grave robber)
  10. theace115

    Newcomers beware

    It is kind of a bummer coming to this forum and seeing how it went from a half hearted "what am I doing wrong?" type question to a conversation where Whyoprospector is calling everyone out on their advice and help... Cmon dude... Not everyone has found gold with a detector, but even a "Bounty Hunter" detector can find gold (if it is big enough)... It cant always be the machines fault... sometimes there is personal accountability that takes place (I personally even admitted my technique was to blame in a reply I sent) , most everyone here offered help and advice and felt bad for you and wanted to see you succeed... but then you go and start calling people out on their stories, and finds, then challenge us to go find gold so we don't "plant it or salt it..." I hope that anyone who comes to this forum understands that there are a lot of people here who want to help and willing to help, and even loan out expensive detectors. It really comes down to a matter of being humble, you don't have to take everyone's advice, because it can be overwhelming sometimes... but you do need to filter the advice and take all of it into consideration and be thankful, and please don't call out people on their stories, you have no reason to not trust someone until they give you a reason to, and to be honest... no one really has any reason to lie to you either... It seems that this thread has gotten out of control, and to the newcomer, I hope this thread doesn't scare you away from the rewarding potential of electronic prospecting.
  11. theace115

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    The guy I am going with has been very successful in the Wickenburg area. I don't quite know the type of gold we will be hunting though, small shallow GB2 stuff, or if we will be going to a spot with larger, deeper nuggets. Gold is gold, and the experience of going with a pro / specialist (:-) is what I am really looking forward to, some good laughs, and a great experience. I will adjust accordingly when we get out there and him and I start discussing what has been discovered there in the past. Thank you for your help.
  12. theace115

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    Thank you, I am 100 percent new to Wickenburg and the GPX has a ton of soil timings and options, as you know. Im thinking I will start with Fine Gold and see how that does, may move to Sens Smooth if the gold is in more mineralized soil. I appreciate the help Bill!
  13. Hey everyone, I am making a trip out Wickenburg here in the next week or so. Can anyone with a GPX offer some benchmark settings for that area. I can adjust my stabilizer and gain while im out in the field, but what soil timings have you discovered to work the best? Keep it simple with the "fine gold" setting? Thanks!!
  14. theace115

    Big Silver...

    Bill, That is one hell of a find! Good job! Will we see that hunt on youtubes later? Thanks
  15. theace115

    100 year old artifacts?

    Hey guys, Lets play nice here... A lot of good information is coming out of this chat that can help fellow prospectors a year from now reading this. Lets avoid finding fault in someone's post and instead offer a polite way to update and inform someone. It's good that Clay brought up the updated antiquities act so that we can reference that and learn about the new laws surrounding it. I think it is very important too Bob and Clay that we know what has happened in the past and how laws update and change so we can be on the same page. We are all in the same boat with these laws affecting all of us, and any relevant information is good information. I don't want to be the next guy that gets prosecuted for some ambiguous BS law, that may or MAY NOT pertain to old mining gear... :-) I sincerely appreciate everyone's time for posting what they know. That was also a very interesting story about your detector getting confiscated, can you expand on the story a bit more? I guess if your going to break the law and detect for relics, take your "Bounty Hunter" not your GPX HAHA!!