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  1. theace115


    Yes sir, it was in a little tributary with some bedrock, and we went down about 8 to 15 inch of topsoil - sand. Literally right off the trail.
  2. theace115


    This is why I never, ever threw your name out there when I said I was going to Wickenburg because I did not want everybody getting excited about it LOL. And seriously everybody, this guy is a machine when it comes to digging, my dad and I both were completely drained out because of the Heat and the work that he showed us how to do, it was so much fun though...
  3. theace115


    @boulder dash, I had a really successful guy take my dad and I out to Wickenburg in September. He showed us how its done. I wonder if you know him.
  4. theace115


    Nice to see that old technology picking up on the gold! LOL :-P
  5. theace115


    Thank you Adam and Tom!! So rewarding!!
  6. theace115


    Leverite and I got some color today near Arivaca, AZ. The one on the right was detected with my new ebay "used" Joey Coil that was pratically brand new and the GPX 5K. The others were sniffed out by the GM 1000...
  7. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Detector is Sold to a local buyer. Thank you all for looking!
  8. theace115

    Some Day After Turkey Day Color

    Very nice! Good point. Yep. Its grouted and looks amazing. Good observation skills. You should be a gold prospector!!
  9. theace115

    Some Day After Turkey Day Color

    I don't remember telling you that I was doing my tile. Mhmmmmmm?? BUT, yes, It finally got done on Sunday. such a relief! Have you been finding much gold @adam
  10. Alex kicked my butt today he was on fire. I think the golden toad brought him some luck. Had a blast hunting with you today. 

  11. Leverite and I found some nice color today, came home with about 6 to 7 Pieces
  12. Hello Dan, I was the one the wrote you the essay about going "low and slow" glad to see you on this forum. I went detecting today and found some color. Keep at it, Alex, from Arizona!!
  13. theace115

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    @ivanivan, I have someone on Craigslist asking me about this unit too. Do you think you are going to buy it or should I give this guy a chance. thanks
  14. theace115

    Pinpointer - $75 Shipped

  15. Awesome Pics!! Thank you! I might be able to make it to the spring outing! very excited!