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  1. I have the Commander DD coil if you're interested in that?
  2. Hey everyone. Thank you so much for checking out my video. Also, I will be bringing some T-Shirts to the Fall 2019 outing. They are White, Short Sleeved with the official Arizona Gold Hunters Logo on the back printed in black.. They will be 20 Dollars a piece. Every cent will be going to the channel, (I.E. Fuel, equipment, or to fund future trips and videos) I really appreciate the support. WE have smalls, Mediums, L, XL and XXL please PM if you would like to get one. Here is the video you have been waiting for!
  3. Well, today, Craig, Bob and I had an amazing day. The video will be coming soon. Have to do some editing, and make it great. But here is a teaser. Stay tuned!
  4. I have to post controversial stuff to get people talking! of course this gold is worth it! A little "pot stirring" every once in a while is good for our community!
  5. Happy Birthday I love you thank you for letting me be your golding buddy!


  6. Hey Gold Hunters! I can really use some feedback on my videos. I'm trying to make content that is fun to watch, shows gold, and hey, maybe even teach someone something. I'm open to criticism about my videos. Camera Skills, Audio, Video, B-roll, Etc. What do you want to see more of / less of. Let me know. I sincerely appreciate it. Can't wait to finally meet some of y'all at the outing!!
  7. I'm not sure if that's the best place to keep them... but to each their own I guess. :-P
  8. Hey guys, Check out these pieces we recently found! I am going to upload the video to YouTube later. Please Subscribe to my channel, Ring the Bell, and let me know what you think so far. Youtube.com/ArizonaGoldHunters Thank you so much!
  9. Using Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate. . . I think I am going to remove a couple of the photos and extend them from .25 seconds each to maybe .60 Seconds each. I want to keep the intro short and sweet. I would like to avoid having people skip over them cause its too long. Thank you for the advice!
  10. This is my "proof of concept" for a video intro. It is about 13.5 seconds long and will play within the first Minute of any future videos once I finalize it. I didn't want it to be too flashy. Please let me know what you think in the comments and "Thumbs Up" it in the video. I really appreciate the support. Thanks!
  11. Child's Play! That's like a D8! HAHA
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