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  1. I've got it soaking. It'll probably take a few weeks to clean it up. I'll post some pics when it's ready. I'm biting at the bit!!
  2. Nice Garret ATX . Hardly used, bought a GPZ 7000 and it is my go to now. Can send pics if you are interested.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm going to find some tomorrow. Can't wait to see it transformed!
  4. It's the strangest nug I've ever found. Must be close to a source?
  5. Here's a picture of the Nugget on top of a possible meteorite. It's hard to see without magnification.
  6. Found a small nugget,1.6 grams.I thought it was a piece of lead and stuck in my bullet bag. Thought I was skunked that day, until I got home to inspect some rocks with my magnifier. The piece of lead turned into a nice nugget! Should I soak it in nitric acid to uncover the gold inside or save it as the specimen? It shows gold in a few spots, but has most inside.
  7. I'll be coming to the gathering. Great weather is on our way, and nuggets are calling! I think Trilby wash flooded again big time. See you all soon.😸
  8. Weather is starting to cool and the bug is biting!! Great forum.
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