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  1. Streak test left no mark. It does have Amber crystals seen under the magnifying glass. Any other guesses?
  2. Nobody knows? Tektites maybe? They are SUPER Magnetic!
  3. Scratches a mirror, no mark on raw ceramic, no fizz on vinegar test, magnet is drawn to it. It was found in central New Hampshire. I've spent a lot of time trying to identify this rock... PLEASE CAN anyone tell me what rock/mineral has this pattern?
  4. Lamprophyre doesnt have the crosshatch pattern. Any other guesses?
  5. One more rock that I cant identify. This one is black with cube shaped amber gems. Anyone know what it is?
  6. Picked up several of these rockhounding. Any clue what they are?
  7. Can anyone identify what this rock might be?
  8. Picked up a rock with quartz on the tip end. This gold colored spot caught my eye. I have no idea what gold in rocks look like. Is this possibly gold?
  9. My boyfriend found this while hiking. Nobody we know has seen anything like it. Can someone help identify it? It is insanely hard and heavy. A hammer and chisel cant dent it. It attracts a magnet.
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