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  1. In my ongoing Quest for that First Elusive nugget i took the TDI SL with a Miner John 5"x9" coil and went to a local gold producing river today. Sorry to say still No Nugget but i got enough fishing lead to cast a few bullets. Some of these were Really small split shot and bird shot so i know i am doing something right. Just got to find a piece of Yellow stuff to put the coil over.


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  2. New here and just wanted to say hello. Been prospecting off and on since i was a kid back in the 70's. Just recently got in to metal detecting for gold. None yet, but i am still looking for that first piece. Use a Whites TDI SL. Always up to tips, advice and any help. Anyone here in the Roseburg area i would love to get together with someone with More knowledge. Good huntin'.

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