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  1. Those who have used both the new Whites GMT and the older Goldmaster V-sat, are there any real differences in performance for nugget hunting? I know the GMT had a digital screen but that seems to be just a distraction some times. When i have a screen i seem to spend more time looking at it trying to decide if i should dig or not instead of Just digging. The GMT had a smaller, lighter control box but that is not an issue. So what, if any are the real differences/ Reason i ask is i just picked up a decent V-sat for $110 to use. Also, what is you coil of choice for the Goldmaster series. Thanks

  2. Put this together the other day. Use a Rubbermaid laminated shelf for the base and 1"x4"'s for the rest. Installed an e-bay chalkboard on base and left enough room above it for the water to smooth out after leaving the header box. I am using a 400 gph bilge pump to run it. I have a 1/2" ball valve installed in line on the pump water line. The thing works fantastic for recovering even micro gold. I put a hole in the top edge of the chalkboard and base and have a gold vile i screw in to it to brush the finished product in to so i wind up with nice clean gold in the vile.




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  3. You guys think the larger 2" hose and 5 gal bucket would give me More vacuum? Mine pics up material but is not all that impressive on vacuum. It will suck up dirt but not from much of a distance. Any help appreciated. 

  4. Thanks guys. I have some small 20 mesh screen to put over the intake and i have an elbow pointing down inside the bucket. I also have an assortment of crevice tools already. But i will see about getting the carb kits. Good tip.:thumbsupanim  Tom. What diameter is your pick up hose? Mine is just about 1".

  5. Decided i wanted a gas vac for vacuuming cracks and crevices but didn't want to spend $400+ to buy one. So checked Craigs List and found an Echo leaf blower about 65 miles north of us. So after a road trip north to get the blower i came home and put this together. It is built on a 2 gal. bucket since i wanted a smaller more compact one. I had the hose and fittings already so total investment was: Blower $50, gas for trip $15, lunch at Burger King $7 so a total of $72. And best of all when i started it after finishing it actually sucks material up. :ROFL:




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