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  1. I have a GM 3 coil which will work on the GM 2. It is t eh standard 6"x10" DD with cover for $50.  I also have a new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max with lower rod, no cover for $85. Or both for for $120 shipped in conus. It is the 2 on the left in the pic.


  2. What would be a Fair price for a nice GPX 4000 with control box cover, signal enhancer, 3 of the small batteries for use with enhancer and a charger, and 3 coils, a new 10" Commander DD, a 7"x14" Nugget finder mono, and a 6"x8" nugget finder mono? Thanks for any replies and info.

  3. Whites Gold Master V-sat that i just got back from Whites where they replaced the course and fine ground balance pots, the threshold pot, Iron ID switch, and headphone jack, the 100K 20% SPDT/switch, Pot,GM V-Sat PCB Assembly, and tested it with both 6"x10" coils and the 4"x6" coil i have with it. I also have a new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max coil and lower rod  and another spare lower rod.  I have the receipt from Whites for the repairs and a spare AA battery holder. 
    I am enclosing pics of the V-sat. $440 shipped for all in the conus. or $400 in person

    thumbnail_IM002867 - Copy.jpg





  4. Anyone use one of the Nel Snake or Cors Shrew 3.5"x 6.5" coils on your AT Gold and if so what do you think of it? Is it worth the money? Does it do anything the stock 5"x8" coil don't? Thanks for any input as i am thinking about getting one for the AT Gold i just bought.

  5. What i have is the GM V-sat with 2) 6"x10" coils. What i want is a good PI machine to go with it.  Would like a Minelab but would settle for a Whites TDI SL. I had a TDI but foolishly sold it. Now i am kicking myself for it.

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