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  1. Not sure where to put this so move if needed. Does anyone know where a person can buy a spare AA battery pack for the Monster? I see them listed on Minelab's site but they don't seem to sell direct. Do any of the vendors have them? Thanks

  2. Hey Bill, just watched your 3 week old video on You Tube on "How to Correctly Ground Balance the Monster 1000. Now that was some really Great info. Finally a clear and precise demo on how to do it RIGHT. But just one thing? I mean really, even when showing How to balance a detector you had to find a Nugget??? 🤔 Going to have to change your handle to "The Nugget Master" 😃 Way to go.👍

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  3. I have a real nice GPX 4000 with 3 coils and rods (one of them lengthened by me with PVC pipe in the middle. The one on the Commander coil). A 6"x8" Nugget Finder mono, a 8"x14" Nugget Finder  mono, and a new 11" Commander DD. Also has a Doc's Gold Screamer power pack signal enhancer with 2 batteries and a dual battery charger, and control box cover with pocket to hold Doc's unit , as well as another brand signal enhancer with 3 batteries and charger and a camo control box cover with pocket for unit, and an external speaker.  Great unit just too heavy for my old arthritic shoulder and torn rotator. $2000 shipped in conus

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  4. Thanks Slim. I guess i am going to have to get a map of the area and find out where section 19 is so i know i won't be on someones claim. One of the reasons i would like to get together with someone who knows the area.

  5. I have heard a lot about Rye Patch Nevada and now that we are retired the wife and i are thinking about taking a trip down there so i can do some detecting for nuggets? We have a 4x4 PU and small 18' camp trailer. Are there areas you can get to with a trailer and set up close to where you want to hunt. Is it even possible to get a trailer in there? Can anyone go and hunt? We are thinking about some time in May, weather in Oregon and over the passes permitting. Any chance some of you might be there and be willing to give a new comer some tips on nugget detecting. I have a Minelab GPX 4000, a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and a Whites Gold Master V-sat. all of which i need a lot more experience with. Hope to see some of you there.

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