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  1. Not sure where to put this so move if needed. Does anyone know where a person can buy a spare AA battery pack for the Monster? I see them listed on Minelab's site but they don't seem to sell direct. Do any of the vendors have them? Thanks

  2. Hey Bill, just watched your 3 week old video on You Tube on "How to Correctly Ground Balance the Monster 1000. Now that was some really Great info. Finally a clear and precise demo on how to do it RIGHT. But just one thing? I mean really, even when showing How to balance a detector you had to find a Nugget??? 🤔 Going to have to change your handle to "The Nugget Master" 😃 Way to go.👍

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  3. I have a real nice GPX 4000 with 3 coils and rods (one of them lengthened by me with PVC pipe in the middle. The one on the Commander coil). A 6"x8" Nugget Finder mono, a 8"x14" Nugget Finder  mono, and a new 11" Commander DD. Also has a Doc's Gold Screamer power pack signal enhancer with 2 batteries and a dual battery charger, and control box cover with pocket to hold Doc's unit , as well as another brand signal enhancer with 3 batteries and charger and a camo control box cover with pocket for unit, and an external speaker.  Great unit just too heavy for my old arthritic shoulder and torn rotator. $2000 shipped in conus

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