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  1. Thank you for that info Chuck.
  2. Yep, i went ahead and order a new one. I figured for $254 it would make a good park hunter if nothing else.
  3. Thanks Au for the answer. I looked for other coils but couldn't find any. The main reason for interest was the water proof feature.
  4. I know it isn't touted as being a Gold detector but would they work ok for nugget hunting in the river? Being water proof is the reason i ask. And does anyone know if other coils are available for them? Thanks for any answers.
  5. Anyone know if there is a place or a person in the States that does repairs on Minelab GP coils?
  6. Sure wish i had one of you fellas that know what they are doing to get together with. I been at this off and on now for quite a while and still looking for my first piece of gold with a detector.
  7. Thank you both very much for the replies. I am thinking i will see if i can sell or trade off one of the 2 mono coils i have and get a Sadie or Joey coil.
  8. So. What are y'alls choice for top detector for hunting the Pocket Gold of Southern Oregon/Northern Cal.? I have read the the VLF detectors have an advantage for this as the PI detectors have a hard time with the pourus, crystalline gold often found in them. True/False? Maybe? If the PI's work well then i have a Minelab GP 3500 with 11" and 14" mono coils and a 14" DD. If a vlf is the choice i now have a Lobo ST. Are there better choices? AT Gold? Gold Bug Pro, or ? What is your choice? As always any replies are welcome. Thanks
  9. Nice Gold Monster 1000 with 3 AA battery holders, rechargeable battery and charger, both coils, headphones, manual box, everything it came with new plus extra battery holders. $575 + actual shipping.
  10. Coils have been sold so i need to find one to buy.
  11. Brand new in package Whites Super Pulse 150 6" round and Super Pulse 350 8"x14" coils. $80 for 350 and $70 for 150 or both for $125
  12. I am looking to buy or trade for coils for my TDI SL. I am looking for a 5"x9", 6"x10", or maybe a 8"14" folded mono's. I have a new in bag Whites Super Pulse 150 6" and Super Pulse 350 8"x14" i will trade or sell. Also looking for 1 or 2 Long lower rods for same.
  13. Don't have a Minelab but i do have a nice Whites TDI SL with the stock 7.5" round coil and a near new Miner John 5"x9" folded mono coil on separate lower rod, camo control box cover, rechrgeable battery and charger, and 2) AA battery holders. Headphones in pics not included for $650 + shipping
  14. You have any pics of it? Anything go with it, extra coils etc?
  15. So What is it exactly? Never mind. I found it online. Mini Baja.
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