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  1. I am looking to buy or trade for coils for my TDI SL. I am looking for a 5"x9", 6"x10", or maybe a 8"14" folded mono's. I have a new in bag Whites Super Pulse 150  6" and Super Pulse 350  8"x14" i will trade or sell. Also looking for 1 or 2 Long lower rods for same.

    SP 150 coil.JPG

    SP 350 coil.JPG

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  2. Don't have a Minelab but i do have a nice Whites TDI SL with the stock 7.5" round coil and a near new Miner John 5"x9" folded mono coil on separate lower rod, camo control box cover, rechrgeable battery and charger, and 2) AA battery holders. Headphones in pics not included for $650 +  shipping





  3.  I figure they should run at 12V, right? My AA battery pack is actually a bit over 13V with the 1.5V rechargeable batteries i use, but my rechargeable battery pack that came with the Monster is only charging to 8.15 V. What do they normally run?. I guess when Bill gets some more AA battery holders in i  will get  1 or 2 and more of the 1.5V rechargeable batteries if my rechargeable battery pack is bad.

  4. Not sure where to put this so move if needed. Does anyone know where a person can buy a spare AA battery pack for the Monster? I see them listed on Minelab's site but they don't seem to sell direct. Do any of the vendors have them? Thanks

  5. Hey Bill, just watched your 3 week old video on You Tube on "How to Correctly Ground Balance the Monster 1000. Now that was some really Great info. Finally a clear and precise demo on how to do it RIGHT. But just one thing? I mean really, even when showing How to balance a detector you had to find a Nugget??? 🤔 Going to have to change your handle to "The Nugget Master" 😃 Way to go.👍

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