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  1. Thanks Jim, i will be getting a 4"x6" as soon as i can find one for a Reasonable price.
  2. Thanks for the tips Luke. I am looking for a 4"x6" coil for it.
  3. Those who have used both the new Whites GMT and the older Goldmaster V-sat, are there any real differences in performance for nugget hunting? I know the GMT had a digital screen but that seems to be just a distraction some times. When i have a screen i seem to spend more time looking at it trying to decide if i should dig or not instead of Just digging. The GMT had a smaller, lighter control box but that is not an issue. So what, if any are the real differences/ Reason i ask is i just picked up a decent V-sat for $110 to use. Also, what is you coil of choice for the Goldmaster series. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your input. And if you are ever are in Oregon feel free to look me up.
  5. Thank ya kindly for the reply. I guess the only way to find out for sure is to get one and try it out.
  6. Still wondering if it would be any good for the beach gold and black sands?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I wonder how they would work on beach gold? I am thinking the 3 stack is probably all a person really needs.
  8. I am thinking about a Gold Cube for use on beach sands. Would appreciate input from those that have or have had one and used it for that purpose. Will it do any better than my re-circulating drop riffle sluice? Are they pretty good at capturing the beach gold? Do you think they are worth the nearly $400 price? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks Malo. Yea, i build all i can, like this and the gas crack vac, and hand suction dredge. It is fun and saves me Lots of money. And They Work.
  10. Thanks Rick. They do a really good job of catching that really Fine gold.
  11. Put this together the other day. Use a Rubbermaid laminated shelf for the base and 1"x4"'s for the rest. Installed an e-bay chalkboard on base and left enough room above it for the water to smooth out after leaving the header box. I am using a 400 gph bilge pump to run it. I have a 1/2" ball valve installed in line on the pump water line. The thing works fantastic for recovering even micro gold. I put a hole in the top edge of the chalkboard and base and have a gold vile i screw in to it to brush the finished product in to so i wind up with nice clean gold in the vile.
  12. Finished the new and improved 5 gal version today and this one has Great suction. Thanks guys for all the helpful tips.
  13. Yea, i am working on the 5 gal model today. Decided the 2 gal bucket was too small. Thanks
  14. Well fellas, you were right on. I opened up the hole to 2" and it now has good suction. Thanks
  15. Thank you guys very much for the advice. I will try it tomorrow.
  16. You guys think the larger 2" hose and 5 gal bucket would give me More vacuum? Mine pics up material but is not all that impressive on vacuum. It will suck up dirt but not from much of a distance. Any help appreciated.
  17. Ahh, the old Shop Vac trick. lol I was going to do that but decided on the bucket. As long as they work not a bit of difference. Thanks.
  18. Thanks guys. I have some small 20 mesh screen to put over the intake and i have an elbow pointing down inside the bucket. I also have an assortment of crevice tools already. But i will see about getting the carb kits. Good tip. Tom. What diameter is your pick up hose? Mine is just about 1".
  19. Decided i wanted a gas vac for vacuuming cracks and crevices but didn't want to spend $400+ to buy one. So checked Craigs List and found an Echo leaf blower about 65 miles north of us. So after a road trip north to get the blower i came home and put this together. It is built on a 2 gal. bucket since i wanted a smaller more compact one. I had the hose and fittings already so total investment was: Blower $50, gas for trip $15, lunch at Burger King $7 so a total of $72. And best of all when i started it after finishing it actually sucks material up.
  20. Mike, that would be great if i were just a Wee bit closer. Unfortunately, Roseburg, Oregon is a little far away. And that is a good piece of advice John. Thanks
  21. Thanks for the input everyone. I had a GBII but it was really hard to keep balanced with ground minerals we have. And All the Hot Rocks we have around here gave me fits. The TDI ignores most of that.
  22. Location,location, location!!! That is what it all comes down to in the end.
  23. I could sure use some of that "Right Training" and definitely the "Right Place"
  24. Boy that First one is playing Hard to get. lol
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