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  1. Anyone interested in making a Fair offer?
  2. I see you have an offer of 10 cents. I'll double that to $.20. Really nice piece though.
  3. Ok, so it wouldn't work for me then? Thanks anyway
  4. And what is the difference between the Doc's Gold Screamer signal enhancer and The Gold Screamer Power Pak? Only pics i could find of both of them was on e-bay.
  5. Bill, i was just looking at the set up i have and i don't think i can use the Gold Screamer with the batteries i have. Here is a pic of how mine is with the power cable to the detector coming out of the enhancer as well as the headphone but the battery plugs into the enhancer with a special power cord. What ya think?
  6. If anyone wants this i will let it go for $375 shipped in conus with 1) 6"x10", the 4"x6 Shooter, 8"x14" and 2 lower rods.
  7. Ok, let me know when you can. Thanks Bill
  8. You wanna PM me a price or post it here?
  9. Bill, Will it work with the batteries i have now?
  10. Nice job Luke. Looks like the 800 is a keeper for sure.
  11. I don't have the stock battery to use with it so without the enhancer i have no place to plug in the headphones or speaker.
  12. It uses a small 7.4 v battery that is in a pocket on the control box cover. And i think i am going to get a Doc's or B&Z enhancer.
  13. Don't know, could be. I think i am going to see about a DOC's Gold Screamer. Is there another good one?
  14. Thanks Bill. I bought a New set of Nugget Buster phones for it but they just won't work right. So you have No Idea what kind of enhancer it might be?
  15. Bill, i watched the video of the seminar you and Kevin did on finding Gold with a detector. A lot of it was very interesting and informative, especially to someone new like me. I was wondering about the Setting the Tone part. All of the stuff you referred to was using headphones but the Minelab GPX 4000 i recently bought has some type of signal enhancer set up with an external speaker. I tried it the other day with headphones and it Will Not work right with them. Can't adjust the threshold or headphone volume. Are all enhancers for use with external speakers? I am enclosing pics of the one i have. Maybe you or someone else can tell me what kind it is as i can not find and markings on it at all. Can i do the Tone adjust sufficiently with the external speaker? Thanks for any and all info.
  16. Nice Garrett AT Gold with 5"x8" coil, land use headphones, owners manual, DVD, original box. $400 + actual shipping.
  17. Anyone have a GM 1000 they would trade for either a nice Garrett AT Gold with 5"x8" coil, land headphones, headphone adapter, box, owners manual and a little cash? Or Whites Gold Master V-sat just back from Whites with a 6"x10" DD, and 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max, and a 4"x6" Shooter coil with spare lower rod, 2 AA battery holders, headphones, and owners manual and a little Cash? Is e-mail me at Hondolane1953@hotmail.com and i can send pics if interested. Thanks
  18. I have 2 Nugget Finder coils with it. Is there a difference in what i have and the EVO?
  19. Thanks for the reply. Guess i did ok then as i just bought one for $1350.
  20. Heck Mike, any Gold is better than No Gold and sitting home on the blasted 'puter like i am doing right now.
  21. Thanks Bill, i will keep it in mind if i don't find a used one.
  22. Thanks Bill, how much are new ones?
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