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  1. Yep. Portland, Or. is getting hit hard with rain and now Snow. Been a wild Winter all over the Country.
  2. In fact, i just finished a new gas crack vac made with a leaf blower. So i guess i could go with the gas one. i was mainly looking for something Not so noisy.
  3. Yea, and i would like number 3.
  4. Does anyone still make a small, portable, 12v puffer style drywasher? I know Thompson used to but i can't find anything current listed for a reasonable price. Keene is just too much. Wife and i are retired now and planning to take a trip to Gold Basin Ariz. next month to detect for nuggets and i thought while i was there i would like to try drywashing. But not for what Keene wants for one. Anyway, if anyone knows of any i would appreciate knowing about it, and if anyone is planning a trip to Gold Basin next month i would love to meet up.
  5. Picked up an Equinox 800 instead. Thanks. As can be removed
  6. Anyone have a good used GM1000 for a fair price? If so you can PM me or email me at Hondolane1953@hotmail.com
  7. So, now that Tesoro and Whites are out of business is there anyone still doing work on them?
  8. Yep, i went ahead and order a new one. I figured for $254 it would make a good park hunter if nothing else.
  9. Thanks Au for the answer. I looked for other coils but couldn't find any. The main reason for interest was the water proof feature.
  10. I know it isn't touted as being a Gold detector but would they work ok for nugget hunting in the river? Being water proof is the reason i ask. And does anyone know if other coils are available for them? Thanks for any answers.
  11. Anyone know if there is a place or a person in the States that does repairs on Minelab GP coils?
  12. Sure wish i had one of you fellas that know what they are doing to get together with. I been at this off and on now for quite a while and still looking for my first piece of gold with a detector.
  13. Thank you both very much for the replies. I am thinking i will see if i can sell or trade off one of the 2 mono coils i have and get a Sadie or Joey coil.
  14. So. What are y'alls choice for top detector for hunting the Pocket Gold of Southern Oregon/Northern Cal.? I have read the the VLF detectors have an advantage for this as the PI detectors have a hard time with the pourus, crystalline gold often found in them. True/False? Maybe? If the PI's work well then i have a Minelab GP 3500 with 11" and 14" mono coils and a 14" DD. If a vlf is the choice i now have a Lobo ST. Are there better choices? AT Gold? Gold Bug Pro, or ? What is your choice? As always any replies are welcome. Thanks
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