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  1. I have both detectors with the small coils; and for the same reasons stated above; the Equinox 800 with the small coil is the best. The Equinox also has a pinpoint mode that works great. Have a good day, Chet
  2. Skip, Jeff Thank you and have a great day, Chet
  3. Bill Your claim is in a very good location, easy to get to as well as in an area that has produced a lot of nice nuggets. I hope the club excepts your generous offer. If so I will volunteer to help with maintenance on corner markers and any other work required. Thank you and have a good day, Chet
  4. Good news; Lila Schwenk 5:34 PM (1 minute ago) to me Thanks so much for getting back to me. We just heard from him! He called us after he just got back a a being in the hills panning. We hadn’t heard from him for a month and a half which is very very unlike him. He said he just lost track of time. I bawled him out a little but was so happy to hear his voice.... I did let him know to think of his loved ones who care about him when we can’t reach him for such a long time. He is a very caring person so that’s why were sure something was wrong with him. Thanks again
  5. I received this and thought I should pass it along. If it doesn't belong here then delete it. RRPC 1:52 PM (25 minutes ago)
  6. Hi Tom Over the years I have had a few radios. Like Chrisski above I now use the Midland GXT 1000s. They have outperformed all of the previous ones. But when one of you is in a deep gully or canyon they still won’t penetrate earth. I am one of the rare GPZ 7000 users that has the built in GPS function on by default. It provides a great bread crumb trail to backtrack to my Jeep. Have a good day, Chet
  7. 0.8 gram nugget found on bedrock below 7 inches of sand and gravel. Thank you AMRA for the one year membership and this nugget. Chet
  8. Fred If it is one of the aftermarket covers you can heat some water in a shallow pan. Briefly dip each tab into the water to soften it and with a gloved hand reshape them to allow a looser fit. Have a good day, Chet
  9. Hi Bob Maybe my message didn’t get there. So I have resent it. You should get a Red symbol next to the Message Envelope at the top right of the screen. After you left click on the Message Envelope; left click on the message; then left click on the Reply to this message box; that will open a box for your reply. The normal Submit Reply box is at the bottom right. I hope this works, Chet
  10. Hi Rob The people that I have sold to have all used a Velcro strap around the handle or body to keep the strain off of the 1/8” jack. All bets are off on that occasional fall that some of us experience. LOL Have a good day, Chet
  11. Hi Bob I sent the information to you through the message application. Thank you, Chet
  12. Hi Oregal1976 ask me to check in; I am retired and don’t have a business so I have been custom making a few adapters for friends. They are good quality and work fine with all high impedance/resistance headphones. It is not a simple mechanical or wiring task. I install small resisters inside the connectors to adapt/match the impedance required by the Gold Monster circuity. With the cost of parts and not valuing my labor very high I can sell them at $20 dollars plus $5 for packaging and postage. That is normal US 1st class shipping rate which may take about a w
  13. Hi Bugler Sorry for the confusion; the demo is by Kevin Hoagland one of the directors of the GPAA. Have a great day, Chet
  14. This video shows two ways of calulating it. The most important part is obtaining the wet weight. Have a good day, Chet
  15. Stereo male headphone and adapter plugs have three connections separated by narrow black plastic insulator/separators. The short metal tip is one headphone; the middle metal ring is the other headphone; the long metal ring is the ground connection. What may be happening when the 2mm is trimmed off is it allows the sliding tip contact inside the jack to short across the black insulator/separator that is between the metal tip and the middle ring. This shorts the left and right headphone connections together which lowers the impedance/resistance that the Gold Monster senses by one half.
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