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  1. This suspect achondrite weighs 9.5kg, it exploded into pieces when it fell on the ground, some of them were even hundreds of meters away, it took me long time to find all the pieces , and I put them all together when I return .
  2. This is a fall that was witnessed in Gan Su on Jul 4th in 2015, look at this fusion crust.
  3. fusion crusts would be different with different composition. I will still try to get them identified , thanks for your advice
  4. The analysis results show that it is in accordance with martian meteorite mineral composition, The carbonaceous chondrites contain lots of metallic spherulites , the element carbon and 98% iron, native iron doesn't even exist in terrestrials, and do any ordinary rocks have fusion crust? I know real experts would recognize them
  5. How can they sell fake meteorites on ebay, don't they have to be verified before selling on it on there?
  6. Thanks for the information ! It is magical:) and it stops flowing slowly only when I seal it in a plastic bag
  7. The first, second, third, sixth pictures are suspected carbonaceous chondrite. It always has liquid flow out, and it becomes white crystal when it drys off
  8. Thank you! They are suspected Martian meteorites, I have done the preliminary analysis for the specimens. I wonder what should I do the next and where I can sell them. Here are just a few pictures of some of my meteorites, and I have a lot more of them
  9. I am new to this website, I just signed up and wanted to share some of the pictures of my meteorites with you guys, let me know if you are interested in them. Thanks!
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