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  1. This is basalt, if you do not know, then you do not need to write your emotional comments.
  2. Well, I'm leaving your forum. From the comments of your experts, I realized that I have a sandstone, most likely colored, gneiss, slate with iron, there is a crack ..... an excellent diagnosis! Good luck ! I'm not looking for meteorites, an accidental find .... and immediately Mars!)
  3. the structure can be seen in the thin section, and this video is not proof!
  4. there is a section of this stone.The stone was found in the forest, where there are no other stones. Photos of the remnants of melting are possible.
  5. Note the shock injection melt vein cutting NWA 4797. this is the same, only here you can look from the side.
  6. it's a crack, but before the stone split, what was this crack, what kind of water should it be to make such a mineral composition? At the forum there are people who can determine not only the crust of melting and chondra, but for example the origin of this change in the stone?
  7. From what water can such mineral veins appear?
  8. поэтому мы нашли камень
  9. Здравствуйте! Даже если это магнетит, его температура плавления составляет около 1600 градусов, и он был с камнем в земле.
  10. Hello! Even if it is magnetite, its melting temperature is about 1600 degrees, and it was with the stone in the ground.
  11. similar to fibrous phyllosilicate
  12. Together with the stone there were small pieces of pumice stone, in which were parts of this stone. Still found a molten droplet, which is magnetic, like metal.
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