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  1. I tried to start another post but according to my brother, i put it in the wrong section...... figures I would screw something up lol
  2. I tried to join the group on facebook but it still says pending or cancel join request, just thought I would vlet you know
  3. going to do reseach on Johnnie Mining
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I figure if find anything it will change my like LOL
  5. Hi, I am kinda new at this. My brother, AZDIGGER, intro duced me to Nugget Shooters and incouraged me to join. As stated I live in Las Vegas and am looking for places to go and play with my gofind 60 (a gift), and also look for other types of stones as well as gold. I know that is saying alot but I can dream. I do know that some nice gold specimens have been found in the desert and hope to have fun search some myself
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