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  1. Hi Chris Just wondering where you got the doc’s covers from?? Cheers mate
  2. Hi Bill Yes the 6 inch will certainly be a good test for how good of a nugget hunting machine it’s going to be and I’m guessing it’ll be reasonably close to the GM 1000 as that’s a killer on tiny little bits. So I’m looking forward to seeing the results on that and if good the GM 1000 might get a rest from time to time on those spot that I’ve gone over with the SDC and if it can still pick up the stuff that the SDC can’t quite register on well it’ll certainly be a Remarkably Good True all rounder. Cheers
  3. Hi I’m just wondering if there’s any Nugget Shooter product’s or Memorbilia for sale ? Eg Stickers , hats , shirts or iron on transfer’s or anything else ? Cheers
  4. Good quality headphones may make a difference to some degree!. But I think one of the biggest defining components is your personal hearing range of dB as this in turn determines the ohms range that best suits the individual thus hearing or not hearing those very faint wavers in threshold. So at the end of the day it really does come down to the individual to what helps them! it’s a matter of trying different headphones to see what is best for them, and as a few have said borrowing a friends headphones for the day is the only way to truly know.
  5. Hi Ridge Runner Very interesting mate!!, I’m hoping they tell you what they actually found wrong with it!! So is it actually a new coil or did they pull it apart and fix it? Just hoping they can fix mine then now ! I understand it’s easier to just replace it, but it’s not really fixing the issue. And I’m sure Minelab themselves would want to know if they do have an issue. It’ll be very interesting to see how your’s goes over the next few months!, I really hope it’s the end of the issue and is a successful fix that will help everyone else’s problem if there’s are the same.
  6. As a great old movie once said, “If you build it they will they will come!!” Well Minelab have built it so the gold will soon come!! If you run it on auto you’ve just gotta trust the machine to what it’s telling you as it’s a great little machine. I would suggest checking out the Minelab website and checkout treasure talk as they have some great information on the gold monster and read it over a few times before and after using the machine to help you fully understand all the functions of it. Most of all have fun and enjoy the great outdoors with your machine!! And good luck the gold will come!.
  7. Pluses Some great new features on this machine that make it so easy to use! Can run in either full auto mode that works fantastic! Or for a more traditional user or someone that just love to play around with different settings you can just run it in all metal mode, It’s very sensitive on very tiny bits of gold that don’t ever register on the scales! And also has some Great accessories that come in the box with it, and also two great size coils to suit most users. It’s beautiful and lightweight even with the bigger coil on you can still swing it all day without getting a sore back , arms or shoulders, And is even great for those of you’s that have a few injuries like myself and my wife loves it also due to the points I’ve pointed out. And of course then we have the fact that it’s been made by the company that are leading the way in gold detecting being Minelab. Minuses Well personally myself I haven’t found many! The only things for me would be the detector shaft! Just wish it had been a telescopic/ retractable shaft ! And the small coil can have a touch sensitive or falsing issue with some and unfortunately I’ve had 2 small coils with this issue. Its a great little detector with some serious horsepower behind it !! Another great detector from Minelab.
  8. Mmm that’s very sad news Chuck!! I’m starting to wonder weather they a taking this issue seriously? Surely they would’ve been able to see as you did the way the detector behaved as soon as you turned it on!!? And obviously not every person that has brought one is on this forum to get a true indication of how many people are having this same issue! And I could only imagine that if their a first time detector user what they must be thinking if they are having this issue! I know myself if I was a first time user and having this falsing issue I would’ve gotten the shits and wrapped it around a tree!! And either given up on this hobby full stop or have thought that minelab are crap!. Because let’s face it everybody reacts differently when having problems/issues but even more so with a first timers experience! But to those of us that have experienced similar issues before we know better then to believe it’s normal for the detector to behave like that!. I’m certainly not a first time user of VLF’S but unfortunately I’m starting to get frustrated myself as well, more so though to thinking I’m either imagining this issue or not getting taken seriously or listen to!. And to be truthfully honest if it wasn’t for my wife loving the ease of use of this machine I may have given up and tried the Au gold finder or GB2, but obviously the great features of the GM1000 have me persisting with this issue for the time being!. I’ve also go the SDC so I have another great gold finding detector, so just hope minelab really do/are taking this seriously!. Minelab replaced my first small coil but the replacement one has the same issue perhaps not as bad as the first one but it’s still to annoying for me to try and persist with it!, I used the larger coil for the first time on my last outing and was happy to say that it preformed great and as it should. But really needed the smaller one to get into the tight spots that I needed to and also the smaller one is that bit more sensitive on the really small stuff from what I could see !.
  9. Hi Chuck I'm very interested to see your out come mate on this matter! As I've contacted Minelab with my first machine about this nearly Taboo subject, Minelab just replaced my entire first machine but my concern at that stage was that by doing this they weren't addressing the actual issue! And Sadly my second machine is also doing the same thing with the small coil again, I cannot comment on the bigger coil as I've never used them. And I say Taboo because I had a few comments that made it sound as if I was either bagging Minelab , or had never used a VLF detector before or because I hadn't bent cable correctly or hadn't tapped it correctly!! I'm certainly Not bagging Minelab as they make the best gold machine by none!. So just feeling a bit unsure now of my next move.
  10. Thanks Bill for contacting minelab!, But please everyone just remember that there's strength in numbers and by everyone reporting this issue to minelab we have a lot better chance of getting a better outcome for a real fix for this problem/issue!! I can't imagine there's going to be any quick fix for the issue! apart from a redesign inside the plug area more insulation, thicker wires or something that stops the wires moving around inside. So I'd imagine it could be a pricey little exercise for them! So unless they get a lot of customers contacting them about the issue were not going to get the outcome we'd all like to see!. So please everyone that's got this issue contact minelab so we can all get a good outcome, as this also means a good experience with our detector and give us confidence in buying through them again. Cheers
  11. There's and app called "image size" that'll do the job for you!.
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