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  1. Hi Chris Just wondering where you got the doc’s covers from?? Cheers mate
  2. Hi Bill Yes the 6 inch will certainly be a good test for how good of a nugget hunting machine it’s going to be and I’m guessing it’ll be reasonably close to the GM 1000 as that’s a killer on tiny little bits. So I’m looking forward to seeing the results on that and if good the GM 1000 might get a rest from time to time on those spot that I’ve gone over with the SDC and if it can still pick up the stuff that the SDC can’t quite register on well it’ll certainly be a Remarkably Good True all rounder. Cheers
  3. Good quality headphones may make a difference to some degree!. But I think one of the biggest defining components is your personal hearing range of dB as this in turn determines the ohms range that best suits the individual thus hearing or not hearing those very faint wavers in threshold. So at the end of the day it really does come down to the individual to what helps them! it’s a matter of trying different headphones to see what is best for them, and as a few have said borrowing a friends headphones for the day is the only way to truly know.
  4. There's and app called "image size" that'll do the job for you!.
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