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  1. Thanks i understand, appreciate you not wanting to send me to a bad area , but heck id be happy to shovel dirt , use a pick and help someone out if it meant me being able to gain some knowledge about Prospecting and whatnot , definitely not adverse to work , haha . I get what your saying old tom thanks , and i see you need the permit to camp but they still frown on it even if you have the permit ? also i get obviously the camp is on state trust land but are the areas that you guys will be detecting on also state trust land ? are the GPAA and roadrunner claims on state trust land ? How far are the claims from the camp area? Are atvs good to bring and have ? Sorry if im asking some stupid questions
  2. Does anyone know if you have two of the exact same detectors or detectors of the same frequency will that cause problems when out nuggetshooting ? and how far do you need to be away to avoid any interference if there is any ?
  3. "There are also GPAA and Roadrunner claims throughout the area and this is a big placer area" , are there also areas to look for gold if your not a member of the GPAA or Roadrunner clubs ?
  4. Thanks swampstomper for your input . Does anyone know if you have two of the exact same detectors or detectors of the same frequency will that cause problems when out nuggetshooting ? and how far do you need to be away to avoid any interference if there is any ?
  5. Have a feeling i will be thinking about it for a while still, no reason to rush right , plus horrible with decisions , might end up saving and going with your recommendation of the gold monster mike c but im not sure yeah morlock thanks for the advice , i have found some pretty cool things out there and sometimes wonder what else i could have found had i been using a detector thanks again everyone for the input
  6. Its not that i want to spend more money im just not very sure about only having the chest rig with it
  7. is anyone allowed to come ? or do you need to be part of a club ?
  8. is a whites gmt for 450 dollars a good deal ?
  9. Thanks a bunch for helping me out guys much appreciated
  10. bill yeah the gold monster looks great especially for a newbie because its all automatic but because its so new finding one for a cheaper price isnt going to happen mike c thanks for clarifying on the frequencies if you had to choose between any of these or similar metal detectors what would you choose for a beginner ?
  11. alright thanks mike c , i dont see alot of differences between a whites gmt or say a lobo super traq or even a gold bug 2 , they all seem to have fans so i guess i cant go wrong buying one just a matter of which one fits you from what ive read . anyone have opinions on the GPAA ? would it be worth it to join as new comer to the hobby ?
  12. Ok well not sure if i should start a whole new thread in another section or not so ill just start here, I have had a cheap bounty hunter detector for a couple years just to play around with and have had fun with it but im looking to get a more serious detector but only have a price range up to 700 or so mostly cause i might end up getting one for a family member as well , ive done quite a bit of research but I am still having a hard time deciding between a , tesoro lobo super traq , or a gold bug 2, or maybe a whites metal detector because they are close to my price range and from what ive read they are good in the kind of ground that arizona has. im not dead set on any metal detector these are just ones that ive heard a lot of good about so do you guys have any suggestion as far as which one or another detector ? ill be using it in arizona mainly for gold , but would also like to use it for meteorite hunting , and possibly relic hunting, would these metal detectors be capable of this dual purpose ?
  13. thanks guys . I have a few questions as far as getting started looking for gold and whatnot , ive been rock hounding for awhile but now looking to get into nugget shooting
  14. Howdy folks , i used to have an account on here along time ago and learned alot from you all but lots of things happened as far as moving all over and family so i kind of forgot about this place for a while but decided to get back on here now so glad to be back, hope everyone is doing ok .
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