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  1. Thanks i understand, appreciate you not wanting to send me to a bad area , but heck id be happy to shovel dirt , use a pick and help someone out if it meant me being able to gain some knowledge about Prospecting and whatnot , definitely not adverse to work , haha . I get what your saying old tom thanks , and i see you need the permit to camp but they still frown on it even if you have the permit ? also i get obviously the camp is on state trust land but are the areas that you guys will be detecting on also state trust land ? are the GPAA and roadrunner claims on state trust l
  2. "There are also GPAA and Roadrunner claims throughout the area and this is a big placer area" , are there also areas to look for gold if your not a member of the GPAA or Roadrunner clubs ?
  3. is anyone allowed to come ? or do you need to be part of a club ?
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