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  1. Sic Ric

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks everyone! Hope to see ya out somewhere!!! Happy Hunting!!!
  2. Sic Ric

    Any Ideas?

    Sorry I didn' post the pictures earlier! And thanks you guys!!!
  3. Sic Ric

    Any Ideas?

    Hey everybody! My question of the day is I was out to Morristown yesterday. Got out of jeep to put up my flag,looked down an here lies a bullet casing and the tail of a shotgun shell. The shotgun shell has the markings ,Winchester,No 12,Repeater, supposedly that goes back a bit. The other I can't figure? It' got F A, on the top,2 ,11 along the bottom and a ring part way down the casing.It has a diam.of .478,if anybody has a clue it be cool to know! THANKS and happy hunting!!!