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  1. Bob! How have you been man!! Just dropping in to check out everything going on here! Any good meteorite potential posts??
  2. Sean is a awesome dude who has a tremendous amount of experience with meteorites. This is no doubt a weathered NWA meteorite IMO. The streak test only applies to freshly fallen meteorites and only on the fusion crust. A streak test does not apply to this stone, it is too old and weathered along with no fusion crust and the results have no meaningful diagnostic use. All said and done it will not hurt the value at all to cut it in half for the experience as well as to expose the shiny flecks of metal that are likely within.
  3. Seriously though seasoned meteorite hunter is a skewed username to begin with it’s like false advertising in the grocery store, the only thing skewed here it the wrong skew on miss marked items. Show us all the real meteorites you found to accurately represent your username, I’m sorry to even say these things but you need to grow and mature and find actual meteorites before you claim to be a seasoned hunter. That means you need those expensive books probably or you need to take a step back and rethink the content you are posting!!!!
  4. I have a 10” heavy duty saw that’s not refined enough to make fine cuts and also I wasn’t able to locate a blade under .04
  5. Hi wetdry I like the idea, but I already have a wet saw and I need to do fine cuts with minimal waste and I would like to use a more professional saw.
  6. Does anyone have a old 6”or 8” rock saw available to sell?? Thank you, Sincerely Steve
  7. That’s what I like to hear!! Keep them coming, keep searching and I’ll bet you will find one if you stay determined!!! It’s certainly the right look just about!!!
  8. Okay that’s what I was thinking. The black streak indicates magnetite which I expected from the appearance of that coating. To me it does not really appear to be a fusion crust but a coating! The interior appears to be loaded with quarts and really looks a lot like granite for example which meteorites don’t contain. Also the size in relationship to your hand would indicate that the stone is not dense enough to be a meteorite. A meteorite that size should weight approximately double what you posted in the scale picture. Sorry but Unfortunately I have to disagree that this is potentially a meteorite. The picture of the meteorite in my hand weights about 90 grams that’s how I came up with the general idea your stone is not the correct density to be a meteorite .
  9. Daffy did you streak test on the inside portion or the black portion?
  10. Oh nice !!! Wickenburg is a L6 !!! Those look very nice!!
  11. That looks like a meteorite as well Buck!! Go out and find more. Streak test is really only good for relatively fresh meteorites with black fusion crust so it’s not a good test for your stone. I have meteorites that will leave a grey streak especially my impact melt so don’t let that discourage you at all!!! Nice find, is that about 180-200grams?
  12. I think a quick streak test is warranted for this one. Flip the lid of your toilet tank over exposing the unglazed ceramic surface of the lid. Scratch one part of the black portion of the stone with the black portion directly against the unglazed portion about 4-5 swipes lightly and report the color of the streak left behind or share a photo of the streak. This is a good candidate for this test!
  13. I didn’t here a thing about it. The guy is a regular meteorwrong poster on Facebook. No offense to him but I think maybe it probably turned out false..
  14. Looks like you found yourself a nice little impact melt!! Great job! Hopefully you remember where you found it!!
  15. You’re welcome Mike. Was you previous post a picture or did you leave it blank because it is blank.
  16. That’s awesome if you found a little chondrite!! Do you see how your fingers are in focus and the stone is not?? You need to move the stone closer to the lens say where your fingers are in focus, tap the screen to autofocus and post it again please
  17. Mike this looks like metal flecks in a chondrite, can you try to retake the image with the subject in focus please!! The other two don’t look like meteorites.
  18. This is the point I’m trying to convey to everyone when the topic arises, everywhere in the world IMO is equal opportunity hunting! Meteorites fall everywhere just about the same. I know deserts are a easier hunt because the substrate makes it much easier to spot a meteorite. Also IMO since people aren’t hunting my way because it seems crazy and there is so much vegitation Leeds me to believe there are many more larger masses to be found which would have been picked up already in dessert terrain!!! Maybe you disagree with this statement but the fact of the matter it that it’s true they are not being picked up here on a regular basis so they are left out to weather. So I’m conclusion if I recover more finds out here it won’t surprise me that they are more weathered but weathering result in alteration I think sometimes this alteration can result in more stable compounds, it may not be the same meteorite it was when it hit the ground after terrestrial alteration but I believe some can last much longer after this alteration state although I also believe many will disintegrate as well!!!
  19. Yes I would consider it shield orientation. It’s pretty clear but opinions may vary.
  20. Thank you my friend!!! It’s humbling for everyone including myself really. It’s a amazing find for this part of the country!!
  21. It was a real pleasure to meet you Bill!!!! I’m head over heals busy at the moment so I can’t post much at the moment!! Yes Bill is in fact the first purchaser of a Barnstable fragment!! Thank you very much Bill!! I will post more about the meteorite an show later and also answer questions from previous post!!
  22. Mike, a special thanks to you my friend!! You are right it has been quite the journey and you are one of the few people out there period who I felt as though I could trust 100%!!! Thank you for listening to me rant and bs and for responding to my countless messages LOL it is a blast and I hope to one day hunt some meteorites with ya and drink some beers and celebrate!! You da man!! Yes I need to find the big brother!!!!
  23. Hi Morlock! Just going for fun, perhaps do some trading and hopefully not come home empty handed!!! I can’t wait!!! I can’t wait to see the dessert!! I can wait to hunt a bit as well and the trade show sounds like it is going to be amazing for sure !!!
  24. Thank you Bob, yes I often think about the fact it was probably very bright coming down and probably noisy as well. Good call pertaining to type!! I was all over the place guessing!! I’m going to be out there soon to try to recover more frags!!!
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