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  1. Rocky

    Franconia Hunt

    Wow impressive machine!
  2. Rocky

    Got a specimen

    Stunning !!!
  3. Rocky

    Franconia Hunt

    Wow nice job out there man!!!
  4. You the man Mike!! Thanks for the heads up !! I’m going to check to see if I can get it on the amazon fire stick!
  5. Rocky

    Critter Hole Nugget

    Outstanding nugget Dave!!!
  6. Rocky

    N.E. Ohio potential meteorites?

    I’d like to see all around pictures of this one too
  7. Rocky

    N.E. Ohio potential meteorites?

    I agree with everyone. At least you seem very motivated to find one so that’s a great start!! Can you please post better pictures (closer) to this rock. Just curious to look at the shiny ness. I’ll explain later after if you choose to post some pic try to get shine clear pics up close thought of the entire exterior please.
  8. Rocky


    I wish you success out there man !!! If you are a hunter I believe you can do well out there!! You need to take advice for the hunters on this forum with experience in Franconia In my opinion.
  9. Rocky

    Locating meteorites

    I think you should contact a university, send them photos and if they have enough interest they may ask to send a sample and I thing you should oblige. At this point though you object looks interesting, you can’t get all the answers here on this forum. Testing needs to be done at this point to have conclusive results, testing will be expensive though and this is usually where these investigations stop for people because it’s cost prohibitive and there is no guarantee you will get the results you will like, testing can be anywhere from $150-$400 I believe yours would be on the top end because it is metal. Another option is to find a pawn shop, jeweler, a environmental testing company or someone with a XRF scanning tool and have the shoot multiple areas to get a better idea of the general composition.
  10. Rocky

    Finding Nuggets in Lost Basin

    Dang nice nug !!
  11. Rocky

    First time with the GM

    Wow nice job man!!
  12. Rocky

    What might this be?

    It looks like some sort of industrial slag. Mets have a different appearance, but keep on looking man, you never know what you will find out there. Slag can sometimes be picked up be detectors and attract a magnet and the dark appearance can trick people. So this is a common item found mistaken for a met.
  13. Rocky

    Is this a meteorite?

    Now you should polish the saw face and read online how to etch it and see if it reveals a Widmanstätten pattern. These lines in the photo have me curious. Polish like mirror and etch man, do waste time, but be safe and wear proper PPE while you do it.
  14. Thanks Mikestang!! I plan on killing it out there next weekend!!!