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  1. Holy smokes Mike you guys really crushed it!!! Talk about patience, it finally paid off!!! What a beautiful iron and a great name!!!
  2. Man those last two look outstanding Mike, of course they are all awesome, I have to get out to Holbrook soon. I receive vacation time in January. Maybe not a bad time to head out ?
  3. His website is full of good information I can't deny, he has a lot of material for sale as well, I think he runs a legitimate business with a very good niche service. I included gimmicky because I feel like his identification service isn't a necessity in the course of identification. Like I said before I think if you've handle enough meteorite material and have studied up a bit you can make a positive or negative ID yourself. Also people can share their rocks, ask and get answers on a website like this as well, it's a free service in itself. The accurate information Bill Peters often posts here when people post rocks here is essentially the same information one would pay for with met lab services when a person sends a sample that ends up not being a meteorite. In the end it is the same exact explanation of what characterizes a meteorite that Bill provides yet someone ends up paying for it instead of getting it for free in this age of vast free information at our fingertips.
  4. Hey I wasn't trying to undermine what you said man I'm sorry. I like you, Im just not a fan of the service. It feels a little gimmicky at this point. You helped me, with your kind post about my collection and that's worth more to me than Russell Kemptons "service" any day!!!
  5. I understand, I did that on the road and I didn't have time to proofread it. Sorry about that.
  6. I disagree about that service you if you've done your homework which I have I can "confirm" it is a meteorite almost certainly unless it's something crazy. A meteorite is not valuable unless classified. So if you don't intend to classify and you found a rock you're sure it's meteorite why even bother wasting money on his service, just save your money and cherish the rock. I'd rather go right to the snakes head find out what it's made of and get it classified, killing two birds with one stone. Granted this is not always a option especially if the mass is small and a common ordinary chondrite, not alot of places want to classify those but if someone is willing to do so it is a better option all around. It supports the scientific community and can potentially be worth something more than a paper weight.
  7. Thanks you, the only one I found was the last one which I'm not sharing yet because I want it classified first so people don't go nuts LOL.. I promise I share in the future.
  8. 1. Sikhote Alin sculpted individual 2. Beautiful Unclassified but classy NWA 3. Brahin Pallasite from Belarus 4. Lunar meteorites from Algeria 5. Sm Sikhote Alin sculpted 6. Impact melt angle 1 showing interior 7. Impact melt angle 2 showing metal 8. Sikhote Alin shrapnel 9. Sikhote Alin from pic 1 angle 2 10. Cool chondrule in find, cropped and zoomed in. Enjoy Daffy !! I hope you are Daffy for my meteorites!!! That's just a few !! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. Awesome flow lines, very nice Fred!!
  10. Rocky


    You're welcome my friend!
  11. Rocky


  12. Rocky


    Oh boy here we go LOL, I love this place, I'm smiling right now LOL!!! Tom awesome account I'll be looking for the reports.
  13. Rocky

    $100,000.00 Doorstop

    Yeah he pm'd me too. His context was if I could convincingly answer why I think his rock was a meso," MAYBE" he would send me a slice. Something about that just didn't fly with me but maybe I'm old fashion. If I pushed someone for advice and questions and offered reward I wouldn't have made the reward conditional based on how awesome the answer was especially considering the question was coming from someone with limited knowledge of the subject. Maybe skesh could at least chime in. I mean put it this way I requested my thread be removed because of the direction it was heading and I'm still here and I'll speak transparently, skesh on the other hand fed hope, asked for dinner and chewed and screwed. I'm not questioning judgement, just posting the fact. Au Seeker could certainly back me up on his propositions of "slice for great answers" toward me in the emails from him. I would post them but they are all gone from my emails. When I saw the discrepancies in the photos and the way he handled it all I questioned the legitimacy, I was going to keep it private out of respect but hey why not start a interesting topic within a interesting topic.
  14. Rocky

    $100,000.00 Doorstop

    Nah, that guy may be the real deal and maybe it's a water mark he used to I'd his photo?? IDK I'd rather not stir a investigation rather than just share what I found. Who knows maybe he it rolling in it now!!! Sorry my post was off topic, Let get back to that $100,000 door stop. I actually read somewhere people were laughing at the estimation.