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  1. Rocky

    What might this be?

    It looks like some sort of industrial slag. Mets have a different appearance, but keep on looking man, you never know what you will find out there. Slag can sometimes be picked up be detectors and attract a magnet and the dark appearance can trick people. So this is a common item found mistaken for a met.
  2. Rocky

    Is this a meteorite?

    Now you should polish the saw face and read online how to etch it and see if it reveals a Widmanstätten pattern. These lines in the photo have me curious. Polish like mirror and etch man, do waste time, but be safe and wear proper PPE while you do it.
  3. Thanks Mikestang!! I plan on killing it out there next weekend!!!
  4. Rocky

    Is this a meteorite?

    If it’s 400g@ .50c per gram that would be $200. Bare bones. But it doesn’t appear to be one.
  5. Rocky

    Is this a meteorite?

    To the trained eye the looks alone be are enough to dismiss it as a potential met, many terrestrial rocks can check many of the boxes for someone with less experience. Though looks alone can be tricky to explain and convey to others why it doesn’t look like a meteorite at all. It doesn’t look like a meteorite at all. Maybe it is iron ore, that would explain how dense it is and how it would attract a magnet. File a window in it man, it won’t detract from the value because if it was a met which it’s not it is not particularly attractive. Anyways the only way to authenticate if it’s truly a met is to cut it open and perform tests which is done to all classified Mets so don’t be afraid to alter the material cut that thing open polish it and post pics, so far no good so you have nothing to loose I can assure you of that.
  6. You nailed it!! It is real hellish terrain and I mean terrible just awful!! its a god forsaken place to ever step foot on. Little Rhode Island regmaglypts are just too troublesome to want to recover
  7. Hi Swamp, Yes I recently score a awesome new gold bug 2 detector with 6” and 10” coil thanks to my father! I suppose everywhere is actually a great place to hunt meteorites, that is my philosophy. The woods in surrounding areas are prime hunting grounds, one just needs to overcome the hurdles of navigating dense forest and irregular topography.
  8. Yes I think the coil helped a lot. My gold master vsat detector had the same size coil and I was able to find smaller fragments like these ones more easily. When I have a chance to get out again I plan to really take some time to scan the area.
  9. Rocky

    Is this meteorite?

    Oh yeah report how much it weights and take another picture with it next to a coin or cigarette or lighter next to it or something for scale.
  10. Rocky

    Is this meteorite?

    Based off the large fracture and the vesicles on the backside I wouldn’t think this is one but I’ve seen stranger things.. File a window in it and polish it to reveal the interior, cut a piece off and perform a density test, give it a streak rest on a unglazed tile, report your findings here for further assistance. Also do it attract a magnet ?
  11. No silly, Regmaglypts are thumbprint like impressions on the surface of larger meteorites that are formed by ablation of material from the surface as a meteor passes through the Earth's atmosphere. They are probably formed by vortices of hot gas. These are meteorites.
  12. Good morning friends, I decided today to give the 10” coil a whirl on my GB2 today. I was going to hunt on Monday but I have another project which requires my time then, so this morning I hit the ground running with the new 10” coil. When I arrived to the area I scanned previously with the 6” coil I immediately got hits with the right sounds!! Within 10 min I recovered 2 fragments weighing in at 29g, the larger fragment is 19g!! The rest of the 2hrs I decided to scan new areas with no success but it was still a awesome morning nonetheless!!
  13. Rocky

    Half-day Hunt at StV.

    Dang Jason that’s a excellent half day gathering!! I’m planning on getting out Monday! I can’t wait !!!! Hopefully I’ll nail it, good luck tomorrow Dave!
  14. Rocky

    Bur Abor meteorite

    Looks like a big beautiful Legitimate iron to me!!! FYI the last photo of the subject appears to reveal vesicles but it not at all , try clicking on the photo, it is just water splashed on it!!! This is a real iron no doubt about it, a beautiful sculpted individual to top it off !!!! Y’all need to do homework!! Sir without trying to sell this to everyone can you tell us more about it? I want to know and others I’m sure would like to know how you recovered it.