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  1. I know a bunch of people that say they can't stand him. I always let them know how much they are missing out
  2. Yes Old Tom I have a 4x4 pickup. There's two claims quite a ways up there by Eddie wash, but there is one that is about a mile from camp also.
  3. I'm gonna try like hell and make it this year finally. We have no plans that weekend, so I should be good to go. I was worried I wouldn't have any ground to hunt since I let my GPAA go, but AMRA has 2 claims in the area.
  4. It finally happened, my first detected piece of gold. 3.42 grains from our FCM club claim in the Dale District this past Sunday. We had a great outing and what a way to finish it.
  5. Wow Bill, a repeat offender huh? Lol Good meeting you too Mike. I'm taking the gold monster out to the Dale district this weekend. Can't wait!!
  6. Glad to hear it Kevin. Especially since I just purchased one
  7. Dang...same weekend as our big Dale district campout...next time
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