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  1. I am going to post this from the perspective of someone that had never hunted for gold before I like the original poster of this post had never hunted for gold in any form,but I have used a detector for coin and relic hunting since 2009 started out in Ohio in a vary old house that was built in 1889 ended up selling that house and moving back to AZ. in 2013 when I came back to AZ. I moved off grid and wanted to get a detector specifically for detecting gold,I already had two decent detectors for coins and relics a AT PRO and the Minelab X TERRA 705 the 705 does have a dedicated GOLD circuit but I decided I needed a machine that was specifically dedicated for gold detecting I like the O.P was totally confused when it came to gold machines I elected to go with the GM 1000 because of its simplicity of set up and use,I do like it a lot it is vary sensitive to small vary small non ferrous targets but for me I wish I would have waited simply because of one thing I got vary accustomed to the X TERRA 705 running in prospecting mode which is threshold based I miss the threshold sounds that the 705 produces I do love the GM 1000 but I wish the GMT 24 K would have came out at the same time because I would have probably chose it over the GM 1000 simply because of the threshold and being able to here it,with that being said I still do like the GM 1000 a lot it is vary easy to set up, I looked at the 71 KHz gold bug when I first started looking for a gold machine but being new to the gold hunting I elected to go with the GM 1000 because I did not want to have to try and figure all the settings out I have been giving some thoughts to selling the GM 1000 and switching to the new GMT 24 K or just purchasing the 24 K and keeping the GM 1000 but its a hard decision to make as I stated I actually do love the GM 1000 because of its simplicity of use which the GM 1000 is pretty much a turn on and detect gold detector. Hope this all helps the O.P out One other thing I want to add when the GM 1000 first came out there was a few people reported severe bump issues which I have never had an issue with I do believe some of the reports were do to not really understanding how to properly set the GM 1000 up and running the sensitivity to high in manual there was a few that I believe were having legitimate issues but like I stated I never experienced any of those issues at all. I will say if the O.P decides to purchase the GM 1000 or any other detector for that matter purchase from a dealer that is willing to give you at least some training on it,believe me it is to your benefit to purchase which ever detector you decide on from a dealer that is willing to at least provide a bit of training and will save you a ton of learning head aches,thats what I did with the first two machines I purchased in Ohio and it saved me a lot of time learning the two machines I purchased unfortunately the GM 1000 I did not take my own advice and it has been a struggle at times understanding it,but I am getting there
  2. Cannot comment as to how it compares to the Equinox as I do not own one to do a comparison , but I will tell you it is vary vary sensitive to small non ferrous targets and vary simple to set up and start detecting,some people stated they were having bump issues with theirs but I myself have never experienced any of those issues with mine.the GM 1000 does not have a TID meter but rather a ferrous or non ferrous chance meter which does work fairly well when the meter reads on the non ferrous side of the meter for me it has been 100 % of the time a non ferrous target when I dug the target up and when the meter was reading on the ferrous side the targets I have dug up have been Iron which I usually do not dig if it is hitting solidly on the non ferrous side of the meter but if the meter is hitting on both sides of the meter I will always dig those targets in other words if I get a hit on a target that starts out on the ferrous side of the meter but in the course of swinging over that same target the meter gives me a hit on the meter with one or two bars on the non ferrous side I will always dig those targets most of the time when I am using the GM 1000 I hunt by sound though
  3. here is one I made when I first got my GM 1000 I like the way it works the way I made it you can swing it around so it does not get in the way of your swing
  4. The headphones that came with my GM 1000 after 3-4 uses just stopped working and I know it is the headphones because I plugged in some ear buds I had laying here and they worked fine I called Minelab USA and spoke to Jamie and they have sent me another pair which will be delivered Monday by fed ex didn't need an RMA number as Jamie stated I did not have to return the old pair That is great customer service in my opinion
  5. for the price of them they better dig the target out of the ground for you also
  6. thank you for the info Micro Nugget now I just have to find where I can purchase some small nugs to experiment with greatly appreciated
  7. it does help a lot its post like yours DOC why I am here reading and soaking up as much info as I can as a new to detecting for gold detectorist its greatly appreciated all of you that have been there and done that and post things like this Thank you all
  8. Ok I have a question the areas I hunt look pretty much like the photos jjbond has posted up except there is a lot of reddish looking quarts in the areas I hunt also which from my understanding the reddish has a lot to do with iron but there is tons upon tons of both reddish and white so what else as far as geological is one supposed to look for not trying to be a smart you know what just trying to learn
  9. Well Doc I only have two a X TERRA 705 an a GM 1000 I have been detecting since 2009 but have only been detecting for gold for just a little while not even a year yet so i am pretty new to that part of my adventure I feel its just a matter of time before I get my coil over a nugget I have found gold before just not in a nugget form I try to soak up everything I can as far as nugget hunting and am always looking for someone to teach me as to how to detect for gold and what indicators to look for like I said I have found gold before but it was in coin form not nugget. Was supposed too get some training from Chris Ghoulson when I purchased my GM 1000 from him but that fell through haven't had much time lately to do much of anything
  10. I still have yet to find one nugget with either detector I have even though the two I do have are not as expensive as those you have I did not purchase them with high expectations in mind for me it is the thrill of the hunt and what the possibilities are if I had gone into detecting with big expectations in my mind I would have never gotten into this hobby like I said its the thrill of the hunt for me because you never know what you are going to dig up thats why I dig every signal I get don't care what target IDs are if its a good repeatable signal I dig
  11. Yep I do know that just giving credit where credit is due had I not seen your post I would not have thought of it
  12. I will start a new thread for donations for you so we can get you one of these hillbilly apparatuses made LOL
  13. its called hillbilly ingenuity LOL
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