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  1. Ricolite it is.......Pickle Ricolite....lol. The first photo was shown wet; dried it is green and white. Am very glad I stopped cutting it until an ID was made. Now, there are more possibilities to best bring out the patterns. Some high domes should really nice, maybe a couple pendants. Thanks for the input from all......One more picture......found it while digging out the second piece of Ricolite......Malachite marked "Morenci" ( or close, writing is smeared badly). Biggest weighs about 1.5 lbs.
  2. Ricolite; a form of Serpetine has been suggested. Any thoughts?
  3. Ahhh...Found it. Here is a large uncut chunk. The grain has no shine to it, no glint at any angle. It end fractures and has conchoidal scallops out of areas. Here are 3 overall and one close up of the surface grain.
  4. I do not have a set of hardness testing tools yet; so I used this method.....Metal will not scratch it. Agate will scratch it lightly, Quartz will leave a scratch that will catch a finger nail. Does not fizz to warm vinegar. If it does leave a streak on a tile back, it would be white. Will actually gouge out a groove easily in tile back I use leaving a white pile of powder from the tile. Cleavage is very not distinct. Trying to dig out a larger piece to photograph whole, but not positive where that would be yet. All 5 gallon buckets should be see thru.
  5. I'm leaning towards Jasper of some type also. Looked at a few of the Mt. Shasta varieties, it has a good possibility of being from that area. Stopped cutting the green stuff until I can positively identify it, did cut some nice picture jasper tho. (from the same box as the green stuff)
  6. Hello, Kinda stuck here.....been cutting slabs and ran into a piece that I don't know what it is. It is very close on texture and hardness of Wonderstone: yet it is green and yellow banded. Everything I have is from North America, most I believe was collected from western states with some coming from the midwest. Purchased an entire collection from a local rockhound who has passed away. He was not the greatest in marking samples or origins. Here is a picture of two slabs and the end cut show the exterior surface. Shown wet, my daughter has named it "Pickle Rick" jasper....very s
  7. Michigan is where it was found......taconite is common along rail lines, docks and depots, not to mention all the wrecks that have dropped them in the big lakes. That said, I am 60 miles from any coast in Michigan...lol.
  8. A weathered Taconite pellet is what the museum expert thinks, but they do want to test the nickel content. Would not be odd for it to be a taconite pellet, as they are used by slingshot hunters for small game because there were readily available. We'll keep looking for agates......we do the best with those. Sitting on Lake Superior with no one around....quiet, peaceful.......looking through millions of rocks. Heaven!
  9. There was a small chipped out spot where the window is, I just ground it flat with a belt sander. It doesn't grind well so I stopped before it heated up. I don't think I should do anything further to polish it until it has been examined by someone in person. The divot appeared black inside, had no idea it would grind and show metal. If I could get the pictures off my phone, I took pictures of the divot before grinding it down. Sad, but true. I need my daughters help to get the pictures off my phone. Tech savvy does not appear anywhere in my resume.
  10. Jay, The grains are small balls of metal, similar to welding splatter. I can see them very well with a loupe and they are not crystalline. The camera will not focus down to that size to get a good picture of them. I hope it helps, Rads
  11. Thank you Fred, I am sure my description contains many errors, never even thought about a meteorite in my life until I started looking online last week. Had to read a great deal of information just to get to what it may be. There are only 8 ever found in my state, having number 9 would be rather cool. As a farm boy, I know that in lower Michigan.......the clay soil eats anything in one freeze/winter cycle. Where there isn't clay, there is sand or peat. Poor conditions for a surface find, except during the winter/early spring before the ground frost thaw. After the holiday, I will
  12. Hello all, As I posted previously; this passes the magnet, tile, crust (with flow lines) and chondrites( I believe are present on the trailing edge). These pictures were taken outdoors as opposed to the first set which were taken under lighting. It weighs 39 grams. The window shows bright shiny iron. Orientation is the crust side being the bottom of the object. Please keep in mind my description will assume that it is a meteorite for my benefit. #1. Leading edge of bottom showing crust flow lines and thumbprints #2. Top showing thumbprints and fl
  13. Fred, It does attract a frig magnet on a thread. To be honest, I think that is about the best pictures my old camera will take. Not sure how to start a new thread....not really that savvy. But will try to reshoot and repost under another thread. Thank you, Rads
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