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  1. You are correct. I though that was a great idea with a detector. Been wanting to get the coin master module, not sure how easy that will be lol
  2. Yeah I figure the kids can use it. I am actually really stoked about have this machine, simple easy to use and like I said parks seems ideal. My other machine I had a while is Discovery electronics treasure baron (gold baron)
  3. I also came across a radio shack discovery 1000. From my understanding really no difference from bounty hunters Tracker IV
  4. I don't have an oscilloscope. Here in a couple days I will take it to the field and see how it reacts to targets. Maybe the odd noise is due to some of my electronic devices here. To know for sure I will need to take it out and about.
  5. Update. I did finally get sound. That issue was in headphone jack, not getting good connection. Does make odd noise if I sweep a target across almost like a stutter in a way
  6. Thanks everyone. It is painted white lol... My biggest problem would be if coil is out of whack. i will give it a shot?
  7. Paid 14 dollars so I'm making it my project lol... I am some what familiar with electronics nevertheless I'm not out lot of money
  8. Picked up SD 2000 the other day at thrift store. Has some issues and racking my brain trying to figure it out. No sound for one. From my understanding light only comes on when low battery. Once shut off light will flash. With coil connected the light doesn't flash. Need some help
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