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  1. Has anybody here used one of these? They seem to be amazing at finding Gold. The price is amazing too.
  2. Cottonwood, nice community and quite close to the Bradshaw mountains. Great climate and very affordable housing. Population of about 12000.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Really appreciate it. Jim
  4. Is there a sweet spot on the GM 1000 large coil that sounds off when over a target? Is it the tip, heel, left side or right side? With the coil being roughly 100 sq. inches where is the target in those sq. inches? Is it the same for the smaller coil? I seem to be getting hits all over the place. It's kinda a pain to have to search through 100 sq inches 3-4 inches deep. Thanks --------------------------------------- Jim
  5. I have been having the same problem except with both the 10" and 5" coils. If I just barely touch a stone or twig with the edge or bottom I get a hit, albeit it only is sporadic. Then when I go over it again without touching anything it goes silent. I do the dance to see if that helps to no avail, so I just go on and assume it is nothing, as it usually is. It's really frustrating because as you and Kevin have taught us "dig everything". Now it seems I'm not alone with this phenomenon. I'll try the fix you've shown to see if that helps. I'm going out tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the info-------------------------------- Jim
  6. I'm sure there will be scads. We'll be bringing both of ours.
  7. Thanks Rick, I'll check them out. Jim
  8. I like mine so much I bought 2. One for each arm. They are just as all the comments and reviews say. Very easy to use, even fro a newbie like me. Plus they find GOLD! Wow, what a concept! Jim
  9. Thanks for the info. Looks like you got the last set available. Went to Frontgate and they say the item is no longer available. Oh well, just like nuggies shooting, the hunt continues. Cheers --------------------------------- Jim
  10. Tried the eBay # and got nada. Can you give a brand name and/or a model number? Sounds like just what I want. Thanks ----------------------------------------- Jim
  11. This is not my research. I found this on Facebook from an Aussie guy named Henry Clapton . Pretty interesting stuff. BTW for those who are metrically challenged 1 centimeter = 7/16". He states --------------------------------------------- I chose the 10 x 6 coil as my primary coil and got started. I chose to do some basic tests on a patch of ground void of any metals. I used three sample gold nuggets as my test subjects. The smallest of these was a mixture of tiny nuggets making up one gram. I thought this will give the Gold Monster 1000 a good run for its money. I was mistaken. It hit the target every time with ease and accuracy. What made this test interesting is the fact that the nuggets in the bag were all very small. I used the following: • 1 x 0.78 gram nugget • 1 x mixture of tiny nuggets, total weight 1 gram • 1 x 1.79 gram nugget My depth results were as follows: Detect Mode 1 – (Gold, Iron reject) • 1 gram bag of nuggets – Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 17cm • 1 gram bag nuggets – Auto Sensitivity – 8cm • 0.78 gram nugget - Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 17cm • 0.78 gram nugget - Auto Sensitivity – 6cm • 1.79 gram nugget – Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 22cm • 1.79 gram nugget – Auto Sensitivity – 12cm Detect Mode 2 – (Deep all-Metal) • 1 gram bag of nuggets – Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 18cm • 1 gram bag nuggets – Auto Sensitivity – 7cm • 0.78 gram nugget - Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 17cm • 0.78 gram nugget - Auto Sensitivity – 7cm • 1.79 gram nugget – Manual Sensitivity set at three quarters – 25cm • 1.79 gram nugget – Auto Sensitivity – 12cm In conclusion, the Gold Monster 1000 is a super fast, sharp little machine. It’s extremely responsive and when used in its chosen environment I have no doubt it will perform its given task with ease. I enjoyed testing it immensely. Disclaimer: Please note that my depth findings are by no way conclusive as there are many factors that will influence the detection of gold nuggets. My tests were conducted in a built up neighbourhood and in relatively compact and trash filled soil. Results may vary from user to user and area to area.
  12. Hey Mike, what kind of wireless setup is that? Is it "bluetooth" or another type? I've heard the Zlink is a good one. I'm thinking about going that route also. Thanks --------------------------------- Jim
  13. I'm thinking about getting a pin pointer. I've heard both the Garrett and the White's TRX are among the best. Price seems to be about the same so that's not really an issue. Does anybody have an opinion or experiences to share so I can make a good decision? Thanks ------------------------------------ Jim
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Bill, how short do these shafts collapse to? Should i get the upper and lower or just one or the other? So many choices, whew ---------------------------- Jim
  15. Can you guys fill me in on the Herk Stand. I googled it with no results. Also, do any of the Minelab shafts telescope? It would be nice to get one for the GM 1000. Thanks ------------------------------- Jim
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