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  1. I'm not sure if our Intention is clear....we would rather take a 1 gram Nugget home than 1/2 ounce of fines. Joe and I do want some Gold we can pick up with our fingers.....we are very realistic and a 1/2 gram Nugget is all it takes to make us dance and party.......if we have to pay a fee to get access to a private claim it'd be just fine for us and/or a share plan. We are not limited to Quartzite area it's just an idea. Joe is LDMA member so Stanton or any other area would be good as well. As I will fly into Las Vegas where Joe is going to pick me up any area between Las Vegas and Phoenix would be good and we are willing to do some driving if the chances of finding Gold are good.
  2. That'd be just too good to believe...............
  3. does anyone have more explanations or experience with F2? Should I use FE and F2 parallel?? I usually run FE around 4.
  4. just did...many thanks for letting us know. I'll try it out this weekend!!!
  5. Hi there, many thanks for your very kind replies and invitation. We would be VERY happy to meet with you out there and do some detecting together. Can't beat a locals' knowledge!!!! Joe is a member of several prospecting organizations in the US. If the claims you suggest to go to belong to another club we can join or pay a fee....whatever works out. We will be there beginning of March 2020. I'm arriving at Las Vegas airport 5th March. Maybe we'll go to Stanton area for 2 days and hit the Gold show in Phoenix on 8thMarch. After that we have 1 week for metal detecting and gold prospecting. 2018 we have tried the Stanton area, little Santo Domingo wash etc. but got skunked - not really I found enough wire to fence a house in, metal to put on the roof, lead and bullets and ammo casings to go hunting and a brand new (+100 years old) shoe for my burrow. I'm due to find my first real piece of Gold with my MDs. We both run a SDC2300, I will bring a Nox800 with 6" coil also and Joe his Whites MXT. 2 weeks ago I found 2 VERY small specimen in California. So small that with bare eyes you cannot see any gold on 'em. The microscope showed the truth. My Nox 800 wans't lying. It showed a +1 for the smallest piece and a +2 for the slightly bigger one using Gold 1. AU2U Horst
  6. Hi there, I will come to Quartzite, AZ in 2020. AS I come from Germany I don't have time to really learn and investigate the area. Together with my friend Joe we want to attend the Gold show in Phoenix 07/08. March and do some detecting for nuggets and meteorites. It would be just great receiving some good advice from people who are familiar with the area. All your help and assistance to make our trip successful is highly appreciated. We are both running a SDC2300 (I'm thinking about the Coiltek 14x9") 1 Equinox 800 + 1 Whites MXT Slainte Horst
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