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  1. I hope the firefighters and some other guys involved helping putting off the fire should be briefed on meteroite in the museum, lest, they should throw the lunar meteorites, thinking it terrestrial, as some members of this forum would have done . The iron meteorites will survive the inferno.
  2. Bill, Thanks for promoting my enterprise, though, I don't sale slices, but only wholesome and complete individuals. In your next episode, can you please tackle, anorthise and mare basalt lunar rocks, their demand is high. This is your assignment for the weekend. Anyway, wishing you the best in your endeavors. Jimalaito
  3. Sorry, the photo is blurry
  4. Man made material intended to imitate lunar
  5. Hi everyone, My finds in bur abor strewn field, kenya ,Dec, Jan, and Feb 2017. A hammer was used to chop a little bit of the rocks Three among the four suggest LL6
  6. That photo is not abdimalik nor Abdinasir two brothers who found more than the 2 tonnes of sericho,bought by farmer, stop impersonating please.
  7. Wodu You should be voted as an assistant admin in the forum.
  8. Nice find Ali, congrats! On the hand, the guy who found sericho home ,is a stone throw away from mine and that is Ogle! So do correction and apologise. I think you bought it from someone in Elwak that is where it has been found .
  9. Hallo Rocky, How about these.
  10. Total lunar eclipse experienced in kenya right now, I captured some images before it went completely dark
  11. Jimale

    Lunar eclipse in kenya.

    You can also paint some sedimentary and lava rocks and share
  12. Jimale

    Lunar eclipse in kenya.

    Meteorites are reprentations of their parent body both physical and chemical. Look at these photos.
  13. Hallo everyone, Some members are getting confused, with all the unclassified space rocks am posting on the forum, am also wondering if am overdoing it, or members have àlready exhausted sharing what they have. On the other hand, with such a big numbers of space rocks recovered. Yet, not represented all on the internet for one to learn,I mean (photos) do you think people are trying to be selfish?. For me, I cover an area of 55,864.6kmsq to collect meteorites,and I feel sharing them is an obligation, and for others it's a amusement time! Since its a weekend you can enjoy ,Just a joke. I did file a window on the rock, it's heavy, attracts magnet, visible metal flecks and shock vein
  14. Right now you wasting your time, you should be there, who knows the river and the cliff were created as a result of a prehistoric meteor strike. Uakite is rare mineral but resembles osbornite found in other meteorites, therefore, if you want to see the pink sheen, you can see in pallasite, what i posted is a grey grain size mineral that given a pink sheen in a reflected light.
  15. Jimale

    What types H5 or?

    Bob, It's not a puppy, but a dehorned cushite bull. The rock doesn't look like a pallasite, no visible olivine-green mineral in an iron matrix. Further, next time when posting start you own thread not in my house.
  16. Good morning from africa, You guys you are not fair, this look earth rock, not a meteroite! Look at these rocks then, what is the difference.
  17. Jimale

    What types H5 or?

    This last one is a chondrule of grain size studded on photo #5 above
  18. Jimale

    What types H5 or?

    Bob, Let us do some experiment, a simple one again to prove I don't collect slabs , but a genuine dead stars and fragments.