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  1. I hope the firefighters and some other guys involved helping putting off the fire should be briefed on meteroite in the museum, lest, they should throw the lunar meteorites, thinking it terrestrial, as some members of this forum would have done . The iron meteorites will survive the inferno.
  2. Bill, Thanks for promoting my enterprise, though, I don't sale slices, but only wholesome and complete individuals. In your next episode, can you please tackle, anorthise and mare basalt lunar rocks, their demand is high. This is your assignment for the weekend. Anyway, wishing you the best in your endeavors. Jimalaito
  3. Sorry, the photo is blurry
  4. Man made material intended to imitate lunar
  5. That photo is not abdimalik nor Abdinasir two brothers who found more than the 2 tonnes of sericho,bought by farmer, stop impersonating please.
  6. Wodu You should be voted as an assistant admin in the forum.
  7. Nice find Ali, congrats! On the hand, the guy who found sericho home ,is a stone throw away from mine and that is Ogle! So do correction and apologise. I think you bought it from someone in Elwak that is where it has been found .
  8. Hallo Rocky, How about these.
  9. Jimale

    Lunar eclipse in kenya.

    You can also paint some sedimentary and lava rocks and share
  10. Jimale

    Lunar eclipse in kenya.

    Meteorites are reprentations of their parent body both physical and chemical. Look at these photos.