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  1. I appreciate ur ignorance on the subject. Check on boji yare meteorite, from kenya, for more lessons on the Topic
  2. Bill, I thought this is what they call fusion crust, has this terrestrial defied the rules? Or is in agreement with your meteoritic litany.
  3. This looks closer to chalcedony! And not the former.
  4. Hi. Everyone . This is probably Stony meteorite, I found it recently, it has distinct fusion crust and chondrules.
  5. Jadee, This is how a fresh fallen meteorite looks like. This one have just picked today.
  6. Bob, It's no only misinforming, but, disinforming, and ridiculous.
  7. hallo eveeyone an asteroid is passing between earth and mars, its happening now. I hope you can see the dot.
  8. D-Day , is close to the answer, kyanite.
  9. OD you need ten thousands hours to Identify a fusion crust. What I saw in your page is no sandstone, but water worn rock that is plenty in my barn. What kind of an instrument do you employ in differentiating between a slag and a meteorite? Am not competing with anyone here, What is XD, slang?. you need to do better than this, dude.
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