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  1. Hi, Bob, You can thrive and still make a fortune on the fallacies of a dinosaur, bones, and teeth, with concomitant aliens stories, that I regard to be an alternative truth. For camels, my friend, buy one and bury it somewhere in a rain forest and wait for some years for such a desired result, There is a ready market for new discoveries in disneyland.
  2. To me, they look like chondrules, try to refine the texture
  3. Hi, Bob, This will a nice wedding ring for my fourth wife!
  4. multicolor agate Opal Specific gravity : 2.611 Weight: 12.3130gm
  5. Odinx What I posted is no sandstone، try to scrutinize closely, though sandstones have shiny grains, which possible will melt into a glass. Can you see any shiny silica in the stuff, I posted, from just a layman perspective. I studied about rocks in my year ten geography class, about 20yrs ago. Do you think my rock might have undergone any alteration, through whichever means. Assume! You are in a physic class.
  6. Hi, Bob. I have been orbiting on planet mars, with my camels, lately, though they are not feeling well, We managed to withstand the fiery entry into the earth's atmospher. As I did some hunting on planet mars, I found some red rocks with bird's droppings, no fusion crust , no nothing, coz my camels carried it all along. The hump has a protection phenomena in case of exposure to a precarious environment. Why is this topic recurring?
  7. Mike , you are circumnavigating the issue. The discussion is based on the physical characteristics of meteorites, photo identification, and a constructive debate on the same. Why did the debate move to an evidence base, meteorites don't fall from space while classified. It's only done after a collector obtains the material from the founder. What a disgrace man!
  8. Are you sure this is not a meteorite! Or it's the usual thing, like if it is not from us it not a meteorite.d
  9. Megalomania, is also inherent in my blood as a camel herder!😄
  10. Please do and share with us, that why am here to learn more😄
  11. Stop generalizing, you should say 'I' not 'W'. You represent no one here, try to be polite in expressing your opinion, otherwise, will reveal my true colours.
  12. Hi, to all. One thing I have observed with most of the forum members is that they have learnt meteorite identification in one way, that is all -they don't want to be left handed at an old age- mind you, meteorite come in all shapes, size, colour, and texture. Not always smooth, velvet leather like expectation. Meteorites don't always look like the one you have seen in your local museum. This one fell, while with friends in my thatched 'makuti' house, No media report though, it will soon appear on e-bay. N.B. :Copyright law apply.Jimale Enterprise.com.
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