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  1. You need that for you to stay in the shenangian club with billpeters. And in meteorite club, you play the same role , with username Michael melgrew, and one Craig moody, from canada.
  2. Bill It seem you are a sadist, egocentric fellow, who behaves like a grade 4 pupil who always believes that whatever the teacher utters is infallible and can't be challenged, the scientist and geologist whom you so dear Idolise, have themselves to learn from others who are actively involved in meteorite hunting, because these guys have no time and space to be in the field, to discover and collect space rock, but for me I have. I have confidence in what I do, that is why, I pity you, and refuse to respond to your comments, so that, the entire meteorite society get an ample time to ponder at either your innocense or ignorance on 'nuance' on world of meteorite. Your often repeated plagiarized hymn on meteorite characteristics is outdated and flawed. You contradict yourself and the entire theory, can you please stop this nonsence! What is your version of a fusion crust! flight, and meteorite impact
  3. I picked this suspect space rock yesterday at 5.am on my way to work, though it was a bit dark.
  4. Hallo all, allow me to say hi all meteroite enthuiast and collectors. In my recent expedition looking after my camels, I came a cross many rocks that qualify to be a meteorite, I know it's hard to tell from photos, but always there is someone who is never satisfied with what others find, even when listed on metbul, coz , maybe it has not been analyzed by his friend or person he prefer to do so, for example, how many are aware Bojiyare is an approved meteorite from North Eastern Kenya. I will post the photos another day, but for now a controversial one. Guys. Let us accept the reality, and stop pretending.
  5. Au Seeker, Am a teacher by profession, and I don't normally use slang, I forgot to put hyphen, between the two words, that would have cleared the confusion, anyway, my intention was pure. Sorry, I responded in the wrong place. Jimale
  6. Munroney, I like your honesty, and your positive attitudes towards things, you are different and that is just a unique character that everyone else, can't possess, saying the truth doent mean your are supporting anyone,your are entitled to your own opinion and that is it. Is it a rule that, someone must comment negative, all the time? And whoever is positive is deemed as a traitor. There is a kind of mob justice, on culprits like Jimale who post?????????? Every other day! We need some five more realist, than the idealist sadist
  7. I hope the firefighters and some other guys involved helping putting off the fire should be briefed on meteroite in the museum, lest, they should throw the lunar meteorites, thinking it terrestrial, as some members of this forum would have done . The iron meteorites will survive the inferno.
  8. Bill, Thanks for promoting my enterprise, though, I don't sale slices, but only wholesome and complete individuals. In your next episode, can you please tackle, anorthise and mare basalt lunar rocks, their demand is high. This is your assignment for the weekend. Anyway, wishing you the best in your endeavors. Jimalaito
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