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  1. OD you need ten thousands hours to Identify a fusion crust. What I saw in your page is no sandstone, but water worn rock that is plenty in my barn. What kind of an instrument do you employ in differentiating between a slag and a meteorite? Am not competing with anyone here, What is XD, slang?. you need to do better than this, dude.
  2. morlock Hot ice, cold fire!! etc ABC
  3. Thanks to all who reacted to my posts. I call upon Institution or an individual willing to classify my finds, I am sure it will be a beautiful partnership.
  4. Hi to all This is my latest finds from an expedition of meteorite hunting. jimale is back again
  5. Bob, You forgot 'alternative fact'. Assume.......
  6. You need that for you to stay in the shenangian club with billpeters. And in meteorite club, you play the same role , with username Michael melgrew, and one Craig moody, from canada.
  7. Bill It seem you are a sadist, egocentric fellow, who behaves like a grade 4 pupil who always believes that whatever the teacher utters is infallible and can't be challenged, the scientist and geologist whom you so dear Idolise, have themselves to learn from others who are actively involved in meteorite hunting, because these guys have no time and space to be in the field, to discover and collect space rock, but for me I have. I have confidence in what I do, that is why, I pity you, and refuse to respond to your comments, so that, the entire meteorite society get an ample time to ponder at either your innocense or ignorance on 'nuance' on world of meteorite. Your often repeated plagiarized hymn on meteorite characteristics is outdated and flawed. You contradict yourself and the entire theory, can you please stop this nonsence! What is your version of a fusion crust! flight, and meteorite impact
  8. I picked this suspect space rock yesterday at 5.am on my way to work, though it was a bit dark.
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