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  1. Thanks to all your reply's . You have given me more detail than I've had in a life time , and I humbly appreciate it . I will take it all in and then I will report back . The several diggings I have been referring to are all clay tailings , so I now realise I could have a difficult time with it . I am going to bring a bucket off each area home and pan out to see the results for the fine gold a SDC can't see . Just out of interest we have a bucket style machine here that may suffice instead of purchasing a trommel to partner the gold cube . You probably have the same or similar in US
  2. Thanks Swampstomper Al , I appreciate your reply , I will be taking in my own water so will this make a Henry Poop tube feasible in my case . I'm sure I can water down the clay with a drill and paint stirrer before the trommel , Jenny will spend some time on this while I am detecting . Will always be close by if she needs assistance . I'm going to pan a bucket at home this weekend to see the potential . Cheers goldrat
  3. Hi Chrisski , Thanks for your interest in helping me . I'll start by mentioning that just prior to retiring ( 2 years ago )I purchased a Keene's 151 dry washer and a Keene's spiral gold wheel from USA . After relocating to the Victorian goldfields I soon realised that I was dealing with predominately clay material. Consequently neither machine has ever been unpacked and viewed from the manufacturers original packaging . They are going to be sold to finance my future machines . You mention gold cube requires material classified to #8 mesh . ( can you explain in part inc
  4. Sorry to continue I have just noticed the advert in GPAA Gold Prospectors for the "LIL Gold Spinner" Electric Bench Model any views on this machine . Thanks again Cheers goldrat
  5. Hi Forum Members , I am a SDC 2300 owner and detect in the Golden Triangle in Victoria . I've always had an interest in panning but only occasionally . For the past 6 months I have been on several diggings finding very small gold with the SDC ( smallest being 0.015 grams ) The mullock heaps consist of pipe clay and red clay . I wish to purchase a recovery machine that I can take to the diggings . Battery operated and recycled water . Looked at all the spiral wheels but not a close look at the gold cube . Looking for advice , what would be the best recovery u
  6. Thanks for the pics TomH , Living in Australia I never realised how beautiful the spring desert is . No nothing about rattlers , but they look fat bellied snakes . I'm a member of our local PMAV club and we organise day trip outings , yours looks like a camp over weekend or similar . I'm a member of the GPAA and was wondering if your trip had anything to do with them . Cheers mate goldrat
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