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  1. Thanks, Mike! That's very helpful. I'll check that area out. Looking forward!
  2. Thanks Fred and Mike for the heads up and suggestions. One more off the wall question: does anybody still use CB radios out that way. I know some old school truckers that might, but looking to break in a new handheld while I'm out there. Thanks!
  3. Nice Mike! That's encouraging. Thanks for the tips. Looking forward. Frank
  4. Thanks, Jason. Great video and congrats on the great finds when you were out there. Very helpful content. I went to Mohave High School back in the 80's, so I have had some folks tell me about the famous Mojave greens. Do you guys ever wear any type of protection on your lower legs for snakes?
  5. Thanks, will do. Looks like morning of the 25th may be our only shot out there. May swap 25th for 26th depending on weather if need be. Frank
  6. Thanks Fred and Swamp. Will do. Appreciate the suggestions. Sounds like a lot of fun! Anything we find we are going to share with our friends at the Colorado School of Mines when we get back. I think they will be able to tell us if our finds are just hot rocks or something more interesting (as we don't have the knowledge yet). Will post our experience here soon. Thanks again, Frank
  7. Thanks, Fred. Ages 9 and 13. We have experience with snakes, as home base is Colorado foothills outside Denver. My son (9) is interested in the southern part of the field, but we can't go to deep into wilderness just yet obviously. Any recommended GPS Lat/Lon or general landmarks for suggested (beginner) areas appreciated (if exists) Thanks, Frank
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum and it’s great to see so much knowledge here. My kids and I are planning a visit to the Franconia Strewn Field at the end of the month. We are complete beginners with a Bounty Hunter detector and a couple magnets. We don’t have any expectations of finding anything, but would like the experience of exploring. I have a few questions if I may: How do we get there? Can you just pull over off of I40 and look around about a mile up the road from Franconia or are there dirt roads we need to take? We rented a car. Do we need a 4WD instead? I hear it may not be safe for kids, so if that is the case, we will make other plans of course. Help/Suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Frank le Tank
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