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    Long Distance Backpacking, Cycle Touring, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Photography, Guitar, Piano, Journaling, Old Timey History, Geology, and of course Prospecting!

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About Me

I got into Mining History living in Mammoth, CA last year. The Sierras! darn I love those Mountains. I thought why not go panning like the old timers. I became decent at finding flakes. Eventually got a Clinker. Now it's time to invest in a metal detector. 

I'm only 25, but I'd say for most my age I've accomplished a lot. Not Financially. However, through serving, tables sleeping on couches, floors, and carpets, and living out of my car I have managed to build quite an adventure resume. I,ve Backpacked thousands of Miles, Summitted Snowy Moutains, Floated Rivers and Oceans, Climbed countless rocks and boulders, etc. 

I Hibernate in the Winter, scrounging the pennies. Summer is for Grand Adventures. My hibernation spot this year is Maui. I got a kush life on an Organic Lettuce Farm, but I don't surf and there's no gold here! 

This Summer I'm riding my shitty Bicycle around the West. Thinking CA, NV, UT, WY, MT, ID, WA, OR. Camping in the dirt most the way. I'm doin my best to plan it through gold bearing areas, but it's thousands of miles and joined this forum to try to get some help. 

Ig: Safari525

Youtube: Arie Erkkila (no gold stuff yet)