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  1. Weird...I had one quarter in my wallet. After reading this checked it out...1982 D mint, kinda funny coincidence.
  2. Hey Everyone, I went with the Gold Bug Pro, found one on eBay at a steal of a price. Lucky I won the Bid! hardly used from a guy in Oregon, came with a garret pro pointer as well. Should be heading out to the mother lode in a month once those rivers calm down. Cheers thanks for all the advice.
  3. Not worried about it. Let's not forget it wasn't all that long ago gold was less than $300 an oz...Also I heard somewhere gold typically follows the price of gas so I'd expect a jump in the coming months.
  4. Hey if you haven't already check out two toes on YouTube. Cool old timer that has some great informative videos on detecting in Northern CA. Also this website has info on most major producing gold counties and general areas where to prospect. Good Luck! http://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/cagolopapr.html
  5. I'm not completely new to prospecting. I did some hand panning in the Eastern Sierras while living in Mammoth, CA last year. Plus trying to study up on Geolgy, rules, history, etc. This bike tour will allow me a couple hours most days to fiddle with a detector. I'm only 25, I won't mind the the learning curve. The pinpointer seems cool, but something nostalgic about panning the old fashion way. Knowing you found that gold yourself by reading the land, stream, rock, etc. Sorry for the bad quality, my sister took it.
  6. The input really helps everyone thanks. I'm starting to see the GB2 is definitely the better overall model, but for me on this trip the GBP seems perfect! Maybe get a pinpointer in the future. Also I'm definitely going to sign up for the GPAA before leaving. I already found out they have access to 11 claims in the CA mother lode region.
  7. Thanks Everyone! Yeah I'm not to keen on the idea of crawling around for specs. I want a detector for pickers and nuggets and it seems the Gold Bug 2 is still top of line. Any thoughts on the Gold Bug Pro? Would I regret not shelling out the extra $100
  8. That's a great idea! Seems perfect for tailings and bedrock. Also only 14oz and 300 kHz...Wow! Maybe a dumb question, but is it conceivable to use a Falcon MD20 as opposed to a metal detector? This would be Ideal weight wise. Thanks!
  9. Hello fellow Prospectors. I am planning a long bike tour around the majestic American West this Summer. I would love to prospect along the way. Of course I'll bring a pan, snuffer, and my ice axe, but I must keep it light and would love to bring a detector as well. Anyone recommend a good detector under 3lbs? So far I'm thinking Gold Bug Pro, 2.5lbs and only one 9V. Are they easy to take apart for storage?
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