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  1. Johnno ' sorry for the late happy birthday wishes mate . It's me from around 10 years ago on meteorite junction ( downunder ) I'm sure you will remember when I said i was leaving for a rest from the forum . I was trading CFDs ( contracts for difference ) based on major world stock prices indexes . As i used to work for for two large broker firms when younger I thought I'd have an edge with this highly leveraged type of trading , I did it naked ( no set stop loss ) to hide from the spikes that would take you out . They still managed to still take me out , CFDs
  2. Hello all , Been many weeks away working on ideas . Whats important to know is this type of design has a inherent flaw , the rotation buries the gold deep to the back BUT re- deposits it on the top again ' on the far right side of the heap again . i thought I'd almost overcome this but no ' I did not take enough notice of all the verables , As material needs to be removed to make the unit work as a consentrator , it will discharge some gold that's not deep enough when removing the lights . Good news is I've made a unit that can liquefy dry material enough to ta
  3. Hello Swamp , I just use an old toothbrush & soapy water , never anything else . Jack .
  4. Thanks Az , He should have left it natural , would have been worth more ! Yep it was painful to see that . Jack ,
  5. Hi Swamp ' I just saw it today , Notice the colour ! not that buttery yellow of high purity stuff I get ( photo below ) ~ probably higher silver content ? Love to find a reef with that quantity but '' Have Fun Jack .
  6. Hi All , I found this pic on the net last year , it made me feel so good I thought I'd share it . To keep on topic lets call it day dreaming with my friend about future gold finds :)
  7. Good luck with idea your ideas , always better to make up some sort of test model to see if it has promise . I made this device long ago , the handle was to stir up the dirt just above the bottom when rocking the whole thing back & forth . I was not happy with it , but needed to make 2 designs to find out
  8. When the weather out here in the desert cools down enough in a couple of months I'll be able to field test some newer designs . The one below has a system of self adjusting internals that change angles & pitch to speed up stratification & concentration in either direction . The idea is to have the thing still doing both actions S/C even when throwing out the lighter material but still keeping all heavies deep to the bottom rear so none show up when testing the tailings . When I achieve the perfect setup I’ll put them on the market . jack .
  9. Just to show you don't need much water , pic of young Barry ~ 78 years old is having fun . Jack .
  10. Whoops forgot to say thanks for the welcome . Thought you would like this old photo . Regards jack .
  11. No I didn't test it with fine gold just very small lead bits , yes there are heaps more fine gold then pickers & nuggets out there Had a friend test that unit some years back in the field , he is a detector guy & was not used to this kind of prospecting . He took the photo below just after doing test pan from the small amount of material run through , found gold immediately & was excited Better models have been made since , below is a pic I took last season of us testing two units in a place that has seen many detectors over the years . We cherry picke
  12. Hi Au Seeker , Yes I've posted before on some other forums , have you seen this rough video of unit I called the gold churn . https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_A1TSkVUAlxLXpxY1h2bk10OFE/edit?pli=1
  13. Hi Swamp , Improvements have been with speed of processing material , have found that the models that discharge the tailing by reversing turning to be the best performers . The internal sifters are also critical to get any heavies to the bottom quick & keep them there . Below is a superseded model to show this .
  14. The idea is to make each model work quicker & be more efficient , I was happy with one below for a short time
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