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  1. Im very interested. Im in the far north of California and lost mine in a wild fire. I'd love to buy that ZED.
  2. Always blame the new guy. It works ok for me!
  3. That lunker wouldn't air test with the ATgold at 2 feet but it would at 19 1/4 inches. So in the soil I'll say no most likely not. It as whisper and reverse target with the 7 Getaftrit John
  4. Ok I'll not say anything about fresh batteries or operator in the same sentence. I will say the soil where we ran these was extremely hot in streaks about two to seven feet long and five or so inches wide. I tested the soil there with my GP 3000 also and even got for it. Hard core dirt for all. The 7000 however likes it. Yeah maybe want totally fair to other machines. I'll agree to that. Cheers John
  5. Headphones on all the machines and yes 6"coil on gb2. The GMT clowned GB2. The Garrett dint even show up really, I mean it was there but no sound at all.
  6. Pics are in the thread nuggets only past present.
  7. Swigging the GPZ7000. It was 2 feet deep and was a reverse signal and very soft sound. I don't care what people tell us or say. Gold that big that deep is very quiet and super smooth. All the way to when I popped it out. Getaftrit John
  8. That was two weeks ago. I only posted the pics because it's been sold and the collector is very happy with it. Cheers John
  9. Hey Swamp, I found one. I posted a few pics on the nuggets only thread. I think you'll like it. Cheers John
  10. Awesome find I can't wait to find one. Maybe?
  11. GMT with the concentric I've seen it kick my butt on small stuff. I had the AT gold and the GMT stomped on it. The GB 2 couldn't get more then half of the flakes we found. Ended up using a bucked and a small plastic spade. Any sound went in the bucket to be panned out later. Been proven to me that the GMT is the only choice.
  12. I said I was next! 5.8 for the big one and 6.1 total.
  13. I do know of five of these being found they are a mortar and should be a pestle near by. I'll try and get some pics of others I know of.
  14. I got to hold this little beauty right after it was found. Once you hold something like this, it makes all the other stuff tease you. I've hunted nearly four days a week in the hopes of finding the twin. I will find one soon enough. John
  15. Picked this up the other day. I think it's a J. Some others have other ideas. It was the last one of the day. I was walking back to get off my quad and just swinging super fast and high. All of a sudden, BAM! It blew out my headphones. It was in the grass on the top of a little rise.
  16. B E A U T I full. Love them cabs. Looks really nice.
  17. Bob, My wife believes there is Toyota parts down there. When she goes with me she says "OK going to find some gears and lockers today." It's kinda funny what they come to believe! John
  18. I don't believe all the theories on where gold comes from. I do know one thing I find it under my coil. So I believe gold comes from there!
  19. This is a rock that I though was just in the way. I heard a signal and kicked it out if the way. I figured it can't be that on the surface. I swung again and again and nothing! So I went and swing over the stupid rock that I thought was in the way. And woowoo! I flipped it over and saw this. Then I was saying woowoo!
  20. Thanks , Matt. I had kids 20 years ago so finally able to use my winter time when I get laid off to go hunting. I must say it's very elusive and tricky. Ether way I love just swinging all day.
  21. darn so close! Only brought home an ounce, But had so much fun filling my pouch with lead. Only took 100 lead bbs to get a good day.
  22. No, l'm next! Holding a nugget like that makes you realize how heavy gold really is. I never had a clue till I held one like that. Totally a lucky find for sure. Just to get the coil over it!
  23. WTG James that's a cool find any day. Lovin the yeller rocks for sure. Nice pics too. We can see them together and a good up close. That really helps. John
  24. I do of all of it just won't post them. I have some that I will share a little later I the year. I won't alert those who know me what I have found. It's ruthless around here. I also never bring the stuff home. It goes from hunting to where ever I get rid of it or verious safe deposit boxes. Things like that are never safe enough!
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