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  1. Hi all! I have no idea if this is even close to being a meteorite. Its about the size of a baseball. Found it in CT, USA in a coastal town, near Fairfield. Parts of it are sticky with a magnet but can not quite tell if its magnetic against metal. Thanks for looking!
  2. That rock was found in CT though I do a lot of traveling with work. Meteor wrongs here I come! I can see how this pursuit could get addictive or at the least engaging. Thanks for replies and encouragement. I hope you all have much success and interesting finds
  3. Rock will look nice in garden. ? Sorry here for causing a stir. You all rock (so to speak). Thanks for input
  4. All is good. Thanks for response. You understand geology etc and have some background obviously to make those decisions wisely. i went online a. It to study them but I think it would take me a while of seeing different rocks etc and learning how they are formed to really get a feel for subtle differences etc. Thanks for you responses. Not unhappy with them. Just a bit green-new at this.
  5. No offense and sorry you took offense but would like an opinion of someone who does consider themselves an expert. If that is not possible on this forum please let me know but no need to get upset because I don't value your view on it as much as I would an expert
  6. Homefire. There looks to be some miscommunication here. I am fine with what has been told. I posted in the site holding an expert would look at it since I know virtually nothing about meteorites. Two people posted acknowledging they are not experts including yourself so what's with the snide comment? i found this amongst many other rocks and it looked like it resembled meteorites I have seen. Just trying to learn a bit. Not a very warm welcome to a new guy on forum.
  7. Are there experts on meteorites here? Maybe a different forum. Thanks folks.
  8. Oh. Ok. Ty I'll wait a bit then to hear from some experts hopefully. My photos are also not expert so maybe hard to tell. Thanks Homefire
  9. I don't have a trained eye. Trying to distinguish the white on crust of real meteorite and mineral filled on rock I found. Not sure how to tell difference. I'll keep studying. Thanks
  10. Thanks for responses. It attracts magnet overall. It's just that doesn't actually stick to it in some spots. I appreciate learning about this so responses were great. I found this photo of a meteorite online which I thought Resembled veins. Can u explain how veins in real meteorite pictured here and veins in rock I found differ ?
  11. Hi all. Wondering if this is possibly a meteorite? Magnets stick to it in certain spots and passes ceramic test. Very heavy and approx 8 inches. Photos with cell phone not sure if I can get them much clearer. Thanks for looking.
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