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  1. tomleft

    GPS recommendations

    Hi guys what type gps units are you guys using to find claims and corner markers with coordinates ??? Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. tomleft

    Book Contest

    hi Bill thanks for the tips on the Monster.. I think its 7.20...................
  3. tomleft

    Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    16.10 thanks Bill !
  4. tomleft

    Lynx creek area

    Any reports on water on the creek still? i plan on going up there saturday... thanks in advance
  5. tomleft

    Lynx creek area

    Does anyone know if there is water running or flooded ? Looking to pan a little but not sure of conditions up there by Prescott ??
  6. tomleft


    Thanks !
  7. tomleft


    what actually is the gold basin? im a gpaa member too
  8. tomleft

    Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    bet its sold already....
  9. tomleft

    GM 1000 Coil cover.

    lol i cant spell but was funny ...need serious descrimination
  10. tomleft

    White tanks prospecting

    lol looks like a no no thanks !!
  11. tomleft

    GM 1000 Coil cover.

    Great idea using flexsteel !!!
  12. tomleft

    Headed for Nugget Shooter store

    Good luck with the gold monster !!
  13. tomleft

    Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    I'm new to gold detecting been coin shooting for yrs back east with a Fisher cz5.
  14. tomleft

    Gold Bug Upgrades = Gold

    Im still torn on the ole gold bug 2 or the gold monster ??? Everyone says gold monster
  15. tomleft

    Water at lynx?

    Anyone know if there is water there now after all the rain?