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    Creative writing, CommCollege classes to keep my synapses firing on all cylinders, cooking, traditional archery, cycling, international MilSurp gear freak, and messing about in the dirt with my various electrically motored and non-motored placer-grubbing gizmos.

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  1. I'll be lopping heads and grabbing hostages of anyone keeping me from this outing. Can't get to the dirt with my wee car but Jackass Flats is a go. My GMT is brand new... from 98 in a case. I've got the plastic 4 pack battery holders and updated web gear for hiking around. Looking forward to this one.
  2. I'm also a newbie at detecting...despite the fact my GMT as been in the closet since '98 when I got it from the folks at Pro Mack in AJ. Looking forward to being out with a group. I've been a desert rat since moving to Rancho Mirage in August of 1961. That year the surrounding mountains had snow, the winter was chilly, and it was the last year of no smog from Banning-Berdo. Only 1 school year there and ended up in Las Vegas in August 1962. Our Boy Scout troop was obsessed with desert survival... loved it. Joined the Corps and... drum roll here... given an Air Wing MOS to train twice at The
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