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  1. Just got my outstanding ones thank you Though if you see a pissed off looking blonde 5' Italian girl headed your way with murder in her eyes, run. Seems your maps have caused me to double book some prospecting trips over her planned vacations.
  2. Bats, your story reminds me of growing up watching bats pour out of the side of a mountain night after summer night, and though if you were lucky you could catch one in a thrown hat, try as we might none of us kids could ever find where they came from. There was a cave that was little more than a 4' impression that looked like the likely spot, but it seemed to go nowhere. Now back on Argus Peak there were some old mines and caves that were full of bats, problem was if you took a few to many steps that direction you got picked up by guards from China Lake, and my recruiter told me if
  3. Update: Researched the sewers to see how far they went back and found two thing. 1. Old Town was not on the system, (Makes me wonder about all those Archaeologists that been working Old Town for years, have not seen much coinage reported from them, and the following. " San Diego (proper), California San Diego was one of the few communities in the United States that installed sewers (a "separate" sanitary sewage system; 6" diameter thru 30" diameter) from the start, while a planned city layout was implemented. The first sewers were started in 1885 when the city's population was
  4. The nice thing about certifications is often they have to be kept up or additional education added to. Which for years has allowed me all kind of Golfing, errrrr training vacations.
  5. As a Recovering Plumber, I highly approve of the exhaust system
  6. Good to know thank you, The lead will justify it if I ever decide to work again, or better yet put my son to work.
  7. Those look like nice units, but models seem to be individual task orientated, sent the company a msg to see if there is a way to do a combo including the lead.
  8. Did it look kind of like a pineapple but moving? Cause I hate those when they are on one of my rentals, (Pest Control and our Bee guy say they cant touch them if they are outside, will be gone in 24 hours, but the tenants still want to sue you) Using power tools around swarms like this, I find they are definitely easier to excite, and was told that often depending on the time of the year these are Africanised bees that split their hives multiple times a year as opposed to standard ones. Not sure if he was pulling my leg or not, but he sure was right about not messing with the ones wh
  9. Cheers: In several posts I have seen recommendations to have a suspect rock scanned with an XRF analyzer. This is a toy that I have yet to convince the wife I need to have, but I have a workable angle. If said XRF unit would also work as a "Lead Paint Analyzer" I could justify it, and get a whole week out of town going to school for another certification. Anyone familiar with the guns preferred / used by folks that evaluate your specimens? I am liking this one; Niton™ XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer, but waiting on the company to let me know if if can be modded for lead.
  10. Best Treasure Ever, That wasn't mine :( In the late 80's I was working as a turd chaser (Plumber with an emphasis on drain cleaning:). The plumber I worked for was highly successful. City Contracts, 5-7 Service Trucks, Back hoes, Tractors, 10 Wheeler's, Street main repairs, you name it. I ran the North County for them, but had to deliver my receipts every week to their family combination Construction Yard / Family Home in El Cajon. This took about two hours, so not very happy about it I asked one of the sons when they were going to trust me to deposit, or just mail it in. He just sai
  11. That RIDGID hose cracks pretty fast here at the beach, can't imagine how much faster it would go in the Sun. Always found Depot's Blue Pool hose to be superior, but pretty long.
  12. This really shouldn't be my first post, but I don't even know you, and you done got me busted by the wife. She by the way is out with the girl friends, so no way she was going to know I had been nipping at the bourbon (darn Doc says NO) until I read your response and then painted the Christmas presents stacked on my desk, that the wife asked me to put under the tree.
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