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  1. My best dogs have been retreivers. The instinct to do work and serve is strong in them and they are always willing to let you be the boss. I think if I only had one dog at a time, it would have to be a retreiver just because of their willingness to do as told, even if it is just sitting at my feet while I catch a movie or read.My labs survive without going crazy because they can entertain each other, I just can't be here enough for them. A lone Lab would be a great companion, but would need every minute I could give them.Unless another dog rescue presents itself, I think my next dog may be a retreiver. For me, the differance is that a lab will try to convince me it is a good idea to go for a walk or a boat ride or cook a pizza, where a golden retreiver will wait till it is my idea and then just be glad to go or get some crust. While I am out and about with a dog or two, I notice my retreivers have always gone anywhere or done anything I thought up for them, where my labs are always willing to go somewhere or do something but will often stop short and look at me like "don't you remember what happened the last time we did this?" They fetch the stick in the water or go on a long muddy walk but with the reservation that there will be a warm place to dry off and a good brushing after this, right?
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