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  1. mldave

    Aussie gold

  2. mldave

    Old gold pan, classifier?

    A sampling classifier.I've used them for forty years while checking out quartz veins.Basically your looking for color as any color out of a quartz vein is worth further investigating.Take a drill with a 3/8 bit and drill circles from the outer edge in in ever smaller circles from the inside out.Takes about an hour or so.After your done drilling don't forget to file down the rough edges on the bottom of the pan.Any opld beatup rusty pan bought at a yard sale /flea market will do.
  3. mldave

    16 to 1 wash

    Wny quit sampling that vein?Any color out of a quartz vein is worth further sampling.Just because as detector dosen't give off a signal dosen't mean there isn't bigger gold three feet down or in or back.
  4. mldave

    Aussie gold

  5. mldave

    There use to be gold here but ...

    I got a kick out of the one Californian telling the Aussie that the poison oak dries up and not to worry about it.Totally wrong..You can get poison oak from dry twigs,leaves or people burning it.The proof was when a botanist discovered a dried poison oak leaf in a hundred year old book and did a lab test and the ingrediants were still active.I've gotten it many times myself from dry unseen leaves.
  6. mldave

    There use to be gold here but ...

    If interested,you can browse or ask ??? at this aussie forum...http://golddetecting.4umer.net/?sid=4ff2f56973b47994a1e621bd75c21865
  7. mldave

    There use to be gold here but ...

    The same type of complaints have been posted on the Aussie forums for a couple of years now.Years ago I posted some yellow on an Aussie forum and some replies remarked how we don't go for that fly S..T over here...Well now they do.More and more gold hunters every year and more prospecting ground being withdrawn.
  8. mldave

    Old time Aussie gold

  9. mldave

    Our new front gate guardians

    You'd have some real guardians there if they grew into Komodo dragons...