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  1. I am curios if people can get on BOR land and look for gold? Seems to me this is a no-no.
  2. I may have found a 10 gram nugget once but Adam and Boulder dash , you guys are so consistent in finding nuggets . Your post says "remote",. You guys have a 4 wheeler to get remote ? Or are you hiking in? I am really not consistent ?
  3. Thanks you all . I'm not complaining about finding the nugget but I've had detector for two years and first nugget I've found. Lots of you guys are really consistent in finding them. Rather be consistent than lucky.
  4. Did I ever get lucky. found this nug about a month ago. went back lots of times and figured out this area has been worked years ago. just fines left. poor sucker(s) missed this one. a real fatty. 3/16 inch thick at widest part
  5. Going to a place tomorrow that has a lot of uranium mines . I don't want to hold onto radioactive rocks. looked at some pictures on this site and others. One site said grayish colored. one picture was yellow. more info would be great. And what would radioactive material do to a detector?
  6. What is the best liquid, acid to clean my gold with? have nitric and muriatic . thx in advance
  7. wondering how much flow is in lynx? is the snow melted yet? i will be cold i'm sure but i will not get wet. can i even get to the camp ground in 2 wheel drive?
  8. thanks grim1. repanned my cons and found 2 pin point sized pieces.
  9. when panning cons from my sluice box how much material should i put in my pan. I am filling it up about half full. is this too much. i have been taking a lot of time panning cons for fear the gold is not sinking through the fine sand. is there a faster method with a pan. thanks in advance
  10. hey knifemaker, i am using a bilge pump for my recirc. i believe it is a brushless motor ? do i need a special speed controller?
  11. i'm finding i'm not getting enough battery life while using my recirc pump for my sluice box. i am definitely not electrically inclined. can a reostat be used on a 12V system to adjust amperage draw ( pump motor RPM problem? ) looked for specs on pump and no luck. pump reads 4 amp @13.6V dc and its a 1200 GPH pump. Thanks in advance , john
  12. That is really a nice specimen. I'm noticing the quartz it is attached to is very white and have seen a lot of these on websites. . Is it whats called bull quartz? I been told to usually look for dirtier guartz with black and red inclusions in it. What type of quartz has the best probability of holding gold, dirtier looking or bull?
  13. HELP!! someone (?) a while ago blogged instructions to overlay mines in az onto google pro. looked through 30 pages of past reports and couldn't find it . thanks in advance
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