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  1. If you are headed up near Prescott let me know and I will X-RAY it for you. Of course, it doesn't tell you how much gold is in it, but it looks pretty cool. Dean
  2. Nice work! I love the larger specie! Dean
  3. Nice shooting, Luke! Dinner at Leff-Ts was awesome as was the the company! Thanks to you and your wife for a great evening!! Dean
  4. You've been there, Chris! I love that red dirt too. Dean
  5. Thanks Mike! Im with you...16" coil max here in AZ. even in the so called "deep" areas unless you need to cover a bunch of ground looking for that indicator nugget in open ground. Chris G and I were in Gold Basin about a week ago and he did very well with the 15" round Evo. I swung a 18" Advantage for a day and was skunked with it then switched to the trusty 14x9" Evolution and scored. The larger coils may cover more ground per swing but they make it difficult to swing the angles and the tight spots where gold tends to hide. Plus, the smaller, lighter coil allows an operator to swing longer due to less fatigue and, ultimately...cover more ground. A conundrum, I know. All a part of that whole " hunt strategy" thing. Time spent with the "coil to the soil" is rarely mentioned and is as important to success as is being on good ground. Having a set up that can be swung all day as well as being fit enough to do so will put lots more gold in the poke. Gary, Congrats on your "Z" nugget! I think the GPZ will see certain types of gold that the GPX won't. I'm sure you will go back to your old "cleaned out" patches and score gold that the GPX didn't see. Should be fun! Nice work, Luke! Luckily, I have a face made for narrating videos . Dean
  6. Are you in a known gold bearing area? If not, I'm with Ahorton...most likely hot ground. If you are, I hope it's a big un! Good luck! Dean
  7. Nice, Tom! That place looks familiar. You guys must have been in Greaterplaceritasandomingobasinville again! Nice going! Dean
  8. The reason Minelab introduced the Nox like they did is to "freeze" potential buyers of other detectors to wait for the Nox. They are predicting early spring as a release date. I believe it was a very effective move on their part. I think that the new Garrett AT Max release will suffer as will the high freq Deus coil release. E-TRAC, CTX, and GM won't be affected, I believe, as they do different tasks. Dean
  9. Fact, you idiot, he is president. He doesn't " think himself a president". The spoiled NFL players do have the right to protest ...but not without consequences. The only right that they have is freedom from prosecution by the government. Not freedom from consequences from their employer, the fans, or the American people. I believe that the NFL will suffer for this BS and will, out of financial necessity, put a stop to it. Dean
  10. I will have lots more time now to devote to detecting since I will not watch any more NFL football after today. College football is better anyway! Dean
  11. That's the way ya do it. Nice work, Garry! Dean
  12. Wow! Just saw your post , Terry. Very nice. A bucket list coin! Great find. Dean
  13. Pretty impressive, indeed! Luke, you have put in the time and hard work to learn your craft well. Always open to new ideas and willing to change things up. The keys to success! Good job my friend!! Dean
  14. Yes, Gary, you do indeed know how to get the most from a patch! It takes a bit of knowledge about how the gold was laid down and the understanding that your machine is just a tool and needs a little "help" sometimes. Dean
  15. There used to be gold here but... There still is...but what are you willing to do for it. It's just not as abundant in the range of your set up anymore. Even the 7000 has it's limits. It all boils down to personal preference of technique and machine type AND what you are willing to do for it. After the sitting ducks are "gone" are you willing to do some placering and move some dirt and brush? Switch to a small coil or different machine? If not, then move on. Find a new spot with easier pickings and be happy. Thankfully, most detectorists are fairly lazy and just depend on their machine.... and leave lots behind ( Big ones too ).This post could have been titled, "What are you willing to do to keep getting the gold" ( from the patches that don't give it up so easy anymore)? The answer....It's a personal preference thing. Move on when your prefered "technique" doesn't produce in the amounts that you expect anymore. Simple. As I stated earlier, I like to put on a good sized coil and cruise for patches. That is my preference. Although, I'm always pleased and, at times, very surprised what comes out of the ground when I (we) change things up on a " hunted out" patch. Sometimes the crumbs aren't. Dean
  16. Nicely done! It is warm! But that means we have the "hunted out" patches all to ourselves . Definitely worth it. Time to watch football! Dean
  17. I think Micro Nugget summed it up very well. I'm, also, not much in to the crumbing thing but there are times when it scratches the itch especially (hell, only) if I'm with good company. Crumbing can be more of a " team sport" in the rather solitary past time of nugget shooting. Otherwise, I'm in to cruising for a new patch looking for more significant nugs at this particular time in my detecting. Dean
  18. Gold does not react with oxygen. Therefore, it does not oxidize. It will get a patina on it like a red or black iron stain. LukeJ found a really cool "black" nugget in GV last year perhaps he can post a pic of it. Perhaps something else in the quartz is oxidizing...it's not the gold. Dean PS- I'd keep throwing that stuff away.
  19. I only use one for coin shooting and relic hunting ( X-Pointer). They help to pin point the target better so you don't damage it retrieving it and so you don't dig craters in someone's yard. I never use one nugget shooting....that's what the little plastic scoop is for. They also come in handy when shopping for boots... to make sure they are metal free . Dean
  20. Good job! Nice piece!! Dean
  21. I do very well with the 4500. I think it all boils down to $. You will pay quite a bit more for an extra timing (fine gold) on the 5K. What the others said is true though...5K is more stable. I feel that the 4500 is a better value if comparing both machines bought as new. Dean
  22. Don't think it's near Wickenburg. There is a large grass/brush fire up on the Aguafria Plateau blowing smoke your way. It's called the Brooklyn fire...that may be the culprit. Dean
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