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  1. I APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!! :zip-lip: I do not post often, and now you know why. In short, all I was trying to say is: I come to these forums to read about your quest and success in the finding of Gold. I do not want to know anybodies opinions on anything else here. I see the threads that go on for pages and like a bad road accident, I can not help but look. I am each time regreatful of doing so. Please accept my apology, let's keep this forum centered on the subject of GOLD.
  2. I have been a member here for many a year. I do not post much, but I do enjoy most of what I see on this, and other sites like this. That being said, I never knew that so many of the members here were themselves "SOLID GOLD." I can tell from the post that many here are educated, somewhat rational persons that are able to express their opinions in an intelligent manor. This is America, we have the "right" to express our opinions. The only problem, if that, is that opinions are like a__holes, everybody has one and almost all of them STINK. Some of us really would do ourselves a favor by Not
  3. Roger, The Power of Prayer can be Powerful. I will pray for Cole and I will pray for your entire family. Hang in there. God Bless You and your Family. Larry
  4. Could it be..."I maybe old, Sure not finished." (where do I put the question mark? ldloo7
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