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  1. Here's a couple of close ups of its beautiful shocked chondrules and that weird dark inclusion thing deep in the matrix
  2. Thank you for your input everyone, i hope I didn't offend anyone on that last post, It is 100% a meteorite so please take that into consideration whilst analyzing the next photos. My last photos may of not been clear enough so I will polish up and take some more if you guys enjoy solving a good puzzle?
  3. Haha to the untrained eye it may look like it is not a meteorite or maybe the pictures are bad? Honestly I kinda expected better on here. The chondrules are every colour in the book, and I've been researching dark inclusions which I now think it maybe.
  4. Hi there just wondering if anyone has any idea of what this anomaly is on the inside of my meteorite and a similar thing on the outside? and maybe if anyone can help me dentify the type of OC it may be?
  5. snakes, treasure and aligators sign me up!
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