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  1. Wow, just got news of this. He was such a fun guy. Had fun with him when he camped next to us at Rich Hill. Still have his Chili Verde recipe. Rest in Peace my friend -Johnno and Kat
  2. G'day Skip Thank you was a great locked in the house LOL
  3. Big happy birthday Kat ........and I will try Skip
  4. Big happy birthday Shep. Hope the day was epic Johnno and Kat
  5. Don, I thought this moved to the local University? If it's still available, I'll gladly open up where I left off Cheers Johnno
  6. Happy birthday Skip, hope it was an epic day for you. Thanks for your great work here. Cheers Johnno and Kat
  7. Happy birthday Billy. Hope your day was epic and then some
  8. Thank you very much Skip! and Fred and I got a real good laugh Don. Made my day. Fred, I'm still around just been taking a break but I'm winding down to retirement and then you better all watch out Cheers Johnno
  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Had a lay back day doing nothing
  10. Happy Birthday Kat and Happy Anniversary
  11. Happy Birthday Shep. Have a great one mate
  12. Happy Birthday Skip.....enjoy your day
  13. Thank you everyone. Another birthday under the belt. Time to turn around and have them go in reverse. I wish I could have partied hard but a man's got to put food on the table and keep a roof over his head. But I'll get a chance to celebrate tomorrow. Once again, I appreciate the birthday wishes. You're all a great bunch Cheers, Johnno
  14. Keith and Dana are great if you need work done, Craig as well http://www.kdmeteorites.com/ Cheers Johnno
  15. Happy Birthday Mike........Your day time to party
  16. So glad your alright..........mate
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