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  1. Johnno..pls call me 928-231-7191 ... I need to send you some $$$ for overpayment on CBD oil... Cheers, Unc

  2. Big happy birthday Kat ........and I will try Skip
  3. Big happy birthday Shep. Hope the day was epic Johnno and Kat
  4. Don, I thought this moved to the local University? If it's still available, I'll gladly open up where I left off Cheers Johnno
  5. Happy birthday Skip, hope it was an epic day for you. Thanks for your great work here. Cheers Johnno and Kat
  6. Happy birthday Billy. Hope your day was epic and then some
  7. Thank you very much Skip! and Fred and I got a real good laugh Don. Made my day. Fred, I'm still around just been taking a break but I'm winding down to retirement and then you better all watch out Cheers Johnno
  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Had a lay back day doing nothing
  9. Hey Johnno...I posted a HB wish someplace... But I do hope you and Kat had a great day, cake, possums & sex+Rock n Roll!  Cheers, your elder, Unc

    1. Johnno


      Yep! I got it mate. Thanks a lot

  10. So glad your alright..........mate
  11. G'Day Members Another year has gone by. So sorry I haven't been as active this year as I normally am. But due to a lack in work, we are kind of scrambling to keep a float. It's not being able to get out and to enjoy the outings, let alone detect. But hey, we have all been there. But I want to wish the members a heartfelt Merry Christmas to each of you and your families and a special thumbs up to Bill for keeping this encyclopedia of information running. Here's to 2017, we are all going to walk away with GOLD! And best of all, friendship Cheers Johnno & Kat
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