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  1. Thanks for all your opinions, most of which we expected. We only ask for help to ID this object because several metallurgists say it's not man-made, and we haven't been able to find anyone who will give us the time of day to examine this object thoroughly. We contacted Montana state University by phone, no photos or information given except for the shape and size. He heard a train whistle in the back round, gave me a 10 min speech and dismissed it as a slag from the railroad. I was 40 miles from home at a gas station. For those who have never heard of fossils or bios in a meteorite, please che
  2. Here are a couple of the test results that we received with a list of the ingredients in the object, does this information help? IMG_20190221_0001.pdf
  3. Yes, these are all the ingredients in the rock based off of two different official test results. Thank you for your time and effort. Any help identifying the rock is greatly appreciated. =)
  4. We have done all the at home tests, unable to get exact specific gravity, hardness, it will scratch glass, attracted to a magnet, dense for it's size. It does leave a light gray streak if you really grind it to the tile. In some areas, it sparkles like brilliant diamonds in sunlight. Flects are too small to see with our 200x zoom digital microscope. A retired professor hand held the object and said "not man made. Definitive oriented shape with a large flow over lip, cannot be man made." This object has been guessed as everything from A to Z and back. Some test results show the elements Fe/Ni/C
  5. We actually aren't sure if it is a meteorite or not, we had it tested at a few different places, neither one gave the same result twice. The object was originally found in Alaska. We say only a handful of people could recognize it because that it was we were told by several different professors in the meteorology/geology studies. All we want to do, is figure out exactly what it is. Even through extensive research and paying to have it tested a handful of times, we have not come up with a solid definitive result as of yet. That is all =)
  6. Hello Forum! Thank you for letting us share our story! Have you ever seen a highly oriented meteorite with top flow-over lip that you can stick a micrometer in over 3/8", so large it almost touches the bottom flow lip? Thumb prints, and shield shape. Extensive research online and hundreds of magnified and normal photos of it revile shocking images that are truly amazing, inside and out. We were informed it could be in the 1% or less of finds. Our photos show a series of unbelievable, non-explainable features that boggle the mind. This appears to be the kind of specimen you can only read a
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