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    New to this.

    I have a Gold Bug 2
    Gold Pans and Classifiers.
    And working on getting other tools

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  1. Doing some research to find areas to go and I was wondering, How do you tell on the USGS Reports if the mine was free mill gold or if it was locked up and a chemical was need to remove the gold. I want too stay away from the areas where chemical were needed to remove the gold.
  2. And I have bought paydirt and practiced pending that out so I would hopefully have someone of a skill once I went out in the field. However I know I'm not perfect at it but will continue to practice.
  3. Yes he did with regards to metal detecting. And I am truly grateful for his advice and Council. On this post I was questioning with regards to painting and other methods right here. Sorry for not explaining that better. And my lack of knowledge.
  4. Hello My name is Mike. I live in Orem UT. I am new to this and this form. I do not mean to be a pest, just looking for advice and guidance. I have been prospecting for just over a year. I have used classifiers and a pan with tub of water and a gold bug 2. and have had little luck. just a couple of flakes with many many buckets worked through. spent time out by delta, gold hill and have tried to do research, as to get onto the right areas. I know you have worked for your areas and knowledge. I hope I am not out of place to ask for insight and guidance. Thank you for your time. Mike
  5. Truly thank you for your tips. I really mean it. I will continue to do more research. And keep working and looking. The INFO is helpful. Thank you Mike
  6. Guidance and Direction. I live in Utah. And have a Gold Bug 2. I have been Nugget Shooting many times with No Success. I have dug everything, but with truly no success. I am good at finding aluminum foil and lead shot. Haha Could anyone offer any guidance?
  7. Thank you for the welcome. And thank you for the info. I will check on those. And see on the cost. Thank You
  8. Looking for some guidance. I am wondering where to find Fossil. I live in Utah and have driving around looking for and collecting rocks. My wife is a school teacher and is moving to a new grade this next fall. And they are studding rocks, She want to creat an great experience for the young students. And the best way to learn is by hands on. I have collected geodes for each child to crack open and experience that first hand. Just truly need to help to find a great varity of other rocks for her diplay.
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